Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sexy Wednesday

Middle of the week and my first chance to sit down and update.
Friday, good friends, great evening, sleep.
Saturday, work, good friends over, sleep.
Sunday, work, family evening, sleep.
Monday, kids,work,kids,sleep.
Tuesday, kids, housework, kids, catatonic evening,sleep of the dead.
Oh I did watch Idol last night but too tired to really enjoy it. Hells Kitchen and Mr Ramsay woke my up though!
You've got to love Gordon and what is it about average, sometimes even pretty ugly guys with power that makes them sexy? Now that's got me thinking.....
Gordon Ramsay, Tony Soprano, George C Scott ( in Mussolinni), Robert DeNiro, etc
Not an Orlando Bloom among them but somehow they are attractive. Or maybe I'm just finding old, fat, scarred,bald, big nosed ugly guys cool. Oh My, I've just realised I've given a perfect description of my husband. Back to the key board having just recovered from a "fit of the giggles" and a realisation that I think my hubby is sexy. Thats got to be a good way to start the day.

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