Thursday, April 10, 2008

cyber eejits

Wednesday was a not happening day....enough said, so here we are on Thursday.
Apparently I am being " backscattered", hmmmmmmmm said the crowd, wtf said little old me?
All I know is I sit at my computer every day waiting for e-mail to download usually takes a couple of minutes and all of a sudden insteadof the usual 2 or 3, I have 1000+ people who want to talk to me...NOT.........and the B%$&$rds take up to 20mins to let me know it's spam!!!!
Ho Hum Dee Dum guess I had nothing better to do with my mornings anyway huh??
I am assured by my " nearest and dearest" that it will cease in a few weeks, well now then, guess who has something else to add to her morning list?
Which confirms my belief that just when you think your life sucks, even in cyber there's an "eejit" lurking just waiting to piss you off.................LOL

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