Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to turn the bird

"Oh what a beautiful morning" Don't you just love Oklahoma? I refer of course to the musical, never been to the actual state although I'm sure it's lovable too as most places are in their own way.
Speaking of places I must get a suntan before July this year. Can't worry about the added wrinkles it will cause, nope, not even going there. We are going home (Scotland) for a vacation, not been back for eight years, and if I arrive in Fife looking " peely wally" that's Scots for pale and wan, then everyone will think we've been holed up in AGHHH dare I say it? Hmmm maybe I'll whisper it...england ssssshhhhhh for the last, almost, decade. Now there's a thought that will give you nightmares for eternity! hehehehe. I digress, I must arrive looking tanned and "glowing" that's maybe stretching things a tad, don't think I've ever "glowed". Shimmered somewhat on occasion but that's about it.
I've just realised that since I became a "blogger" my mornings are becoming quite the busy time.
Blogging, dealing with spam and now sunbathing to add to my day.
Oh and just a note :- these "American" spell checks need to be audited by none other than Her Majesty Queen Lizzy, of you know where, herself! No way she would put up with swapping s for z and missing out u entirely!
I have to sit with the "Oxford" even although I know for sure that my third grade teacher was not an "eejit"....( lordy don't you just love that word!) and that my spelling IS correct, the good old Oxford gives me certainty in my constant struggle with red lines appearing under every second word I type.
So it's into the shorts and out to the sun. A good book, (I'm reading Sara Douglass at the moment interspersed with Faulkner I have always liked at least two, usually more books going at the same time so that I can read "mood dependent") a bottle of water and I should be fried in a couple of hours. In fact I'll set the timer on the stove so that I can rotisserie like the dedicated sunbather/chicken I am.

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