Thursday, April 24, 2008

Horses and hobbits

I had a wonderful day today. Went to Wally Walmart this a.m to buy Fabric Softener and ended up spending $98.... GO WALLY! Then had Starbucks with that "sexy' hubby I discovered yesterday.
11a.m. and off to the horses. Spent time with Miss Whinnie teaching her to pick up her grain bucket and give it to me, wooohoo 5lbs of carrots later she got it. She is one smart horse and will do ANYTHING for food which makes training her pretty easy. Turned her out for a while as she had been mentally tested to the nth degree then went and got my "girlfriend" J.J. We worked for a while on her allowing me to touch her left ear. She has real issues about it, I reckon she was "twitched" on numerous occasions because she has no issues with her right ear and just loves having her face and eyes rubbed. Anyway she eventually dropped her head, closed her eyes and allowed me to gently rub her ear! First time ever in 2 years.
Home to pick up the kids then into the yard to plant and weed, it's actually looking ok this year so that's good.
Daughter No1 and I are having a " de-fuzzing" party tonight, she wants her eyebrows plucked, what the heck happened to changing diapers and bed-time stories? Time is but a blink of the eye. So, eyebrows for her and I'll just start with the hairy toes and work up. Yeugh hope no-one has just eaten dinner, horrible horrible visual on THAT one. I think I'm part Hobbit actually with the feet thing and all, maybe I should take up smoking a pipe? Could market a whole line of them as "accessories" color co-ordinated to match ladies outfits, The Holiday Pipe in green and red with perhaps some diamonds encrusted around the bowl, The Valentines Pipe in red and white with little hearts on the get the picture. Wow maybe I should patent this in case one of you decides to steal a potentially, million dollar business idea! I think I'm an entrepreneur!! .

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