Monday, April 7, 2008

Travelin Through

5,4,3,2,1..................we have a blog...........pppppppppppfffftt.....blah blah bloody blah.
BUT I too have decided to bare my soul ( well a wee bit of it) to cyber, to unknown people who don't give a
shit .
The fact that they don't makes life quite refreshing.
Let's face it, life surrounds us with "eejits" ( as my best friend Ailish from Ireland would refer to them)
Translation for y'all eejit=idiot
BUT it goes much deeper than that because the "eejits" come in all different guises, they pose most predominantly as friends! Yes they do! Some of them are pretty new to the game and you can read them easily, the more refined eejits not so. Even when you have been around as long as I have you can still get sucked in to the eejit deception.
It manifests itself over weeks, months sometimes even years........I speak now from experience (not proud of that but life happens)
The experienced "eejit" has various tactics to confuse and convince, however when they are exposed they revert totally to "eejit " status, this includes :- childlike behaviors, sulking, temper tantrums, schoolyard politics etc
They are actually quite pathetic in the final throws of the end game. That said they can and do wreck pain and heartache as they strive to achieve their egotistical aims.
Whew that was an "eejit" tirade. Feeling much better having exposed the nasty predators!
So now that my "wee bit soul" is at peace for the moment, thank you Ms Parton for the inspiration, Travelin Through....if that is not what this life I lead is, then I have no clue why I am here.

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