Wednesday, September 3, 2008

baby come back

This mornings blog was really scary! I was using Scoots computer on which the sex bomb had just installed Windows Vista...?
I had NO SPELLCHECK aaaaarggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.
It was like blogging in a parallel universe.
No tool bar.
Where did it go?
More to the point where the heck is it?

Out there, somewhere in Cyber, sad, lonely, newly laid off by "someone" poor wee toolbar!
Come back sweetie Momma loves you!
Momma needs you!
You stop Momma from looking like a total eejit.
I know we have our differences when it comes to the "English" language but never forget you make Momma proud.
With your wee "bold tags" "italic tags" "insert links" "inset block quote" "check spelling" "add image" "add video".
Who cares that I don't know or care how most of them work, Momma is so proud of you! Please come back.
Just so you know I'm on a mission, all titles, song titles , going to see how many I can do!

1 comment:

Narm said...

Put a picture of the toolbar on teh back of milk cartons and in the post office - it'll turn up.