Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Give it Away

Then it was Tuesday. I am stupid, stupider? ok lets just leave it as "daft".
Where I come from our total population is around 4 1/2 million so an evacuation of 2 million would = Yes, half of the population. I forget just how huge this country is! Still have to question my "Alien Abduction" theory though.
Yesterday was fun and somewhat interesting. We had a BBQ with my GF and her "mean" hubby. LOL
I'm talking ( there's a novel experience!) about an HBO Documentary I watched last week "Chinas lost Children" and am informed by aforementioned "meanie" that the ratio of male to female is around 27:1. He goes on to divulge that there is a future for "ladies of the night" in China.
Well in that case I'm going! At last, a paid job as opposed to "work" Encouraging GF to embrace the idea and work with me.

Me on my first day at work.

I start singing "leaving on a jet plane" and he says...get this, "no, I don't think you would have any luck"
I was devistated! No job future there then. Pfffffft! The way the conversation was going I couldn't even give it away. Needless to say I fired the mean Whoremeister and am actively looking for a GOOD Pimp!
Interviews to be held asap.
It would make for some interesting blogging.

Then, I receive the strangest voice mail.
Wondering if I am unwell or having a really negative attitude? WTF?
Well I feel just fine so I'm guessing it's " negative attitude syndrome" LOL
Actually all is harmonious in my wee corner of the planet.

The sex bomb is on a mission with his wee measuring tape and room plans. I am to have a study in the fifth bedroom wooohoo. We have been planning it for well over a year now but the room has been fully booked until now. It will give him somewhere to work from home and the kids can do homework, have computer access etc. I'll also get rid of the CD/book clutter onto custom built shelving. Of course he will be sawing and hammering for bluddy months to come but it'll be worth it.
I'm hoping for something along these lines:-

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