Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stuck in the middle with you

The girls wanted to read my blog so we did ...kinda, real time parental blocks.
WTF happened to Joe Diffie on youtube??
He was deleted. Gone. Period. How can that happen? Misuse it said. I know it was a tad black but hell I watched Dora The Explorer get her brains blown out today! On friggin youtube. Anyway I've given you the best replacement I can find. Guy singing is cute! check him out girls.
THEN...I had no idea I had "Honey I shrunk the Dolly" Remember dear readers I am a wee bit challenged with this PC stuff. My only intention was to give Dolly a break NOT to turn her into a "little person" mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa well slap my wrists and make me horney!
Blog to the left of me Dolly to the right...
Grow Dolly Grow...

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lacochran said...

Dolly's version is so much sweeter than Whitney's--but if I'm not mistaken Dolly wrote it so it should be more heartfelt. Whitney still does a goosebumpy Star Spangled Banner, though.