Friday, September 26, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm back.
Flew out to Scotland on Saturday back late Wednesday night. Two full days back home Monday funeral and Tuesday emptying Uncle Aunds rooms. It's been surreal. Need to get my brain working again.
Being with your own folk is essential at times like these. Not just family and friends but also Scottish Cabin Crew. They get it. Let me explain...I've been crying for 4 days (not something I've ever managed to do gracefully, all snot and Kermit eyes for me) I get on the first flight San Fransisco to Philly and am promptly ignored by all flight crew. Then Philly to London where I got a sandwich flung at me and paid $9 for a scotch and 7up. Boarded the London to Edinburgh flight and as I got on the first thing one of the Cabin Crew said was " ur yeh aw-right hen" Translate :- are you okay sweetie. Floods of tears from me. Let me tell you, she had a wee bottle of wine down my throat prior to take-off and continued to replenish my glass until we landed. Gave me a hug as I staggered off. Go British Airways!!

Uncle Aund had only one request and it was not honored. It's ok though because my mom is "old school" and felt really uncomfortable with it. He wanted a certain song played at his funeral.
I think it says everything about his sense of his lifelong sense of humour and genuine wit.

Please enjoy Uncle Aunds favourite song...what a guy!

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