Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Living in America

Autumn is Fall because Fall is easier to spell. Now you know.

The Child Iseult is convinced she is a "Little Person" (I'm hoping that's PC )
Everyone in her Grade is taller than her, hell they're taller than me, in fact some of them are taller than me sitting on the sex bombs shoulders...not a pleasant thought.
It's genetic I tell her. We Scots have the historical wee gene.
Just look at the size of that wee baby!!
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I am challenged daily by shelves.
Our entire home is ergonomically designed for the average American 6 footer. I haul a stool around.

Getting into the hughmungus car requires helmet, harness rope spring loaded cams, nuts and quickdraws.
We have to practice "climbing" into the car to prevent serious injury.
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The sex bomb just hates it when I do that!

Huge appliances. My mums stove,microwave,fridge and dishwasher would all fit into my fridge with room for half a dozen eggs and a carton of milk.
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My mums cute WEE fridge. Try getting a gallon of milk in that puppy!

Food. Dinner plates the size of Frisbees and they wonder why the obesity?
The dinner plates we brought from Scotland look like saucers next to their American counterparts.
We tried to make them feel better by telling them that they actually were saucers but they know... who dishes up dinner on a saucer and why did they have no matching cups?
I bring them out occasionally for a wash and dry just to make them feel useful.

Furniture. Our wee Scottish furniture is in the living room and the Family room hosts our Ginormous American purchases. It's like Alice in Friggin Wonderland here.

The Child Iseult will come to realise that she is perfectly normal she's just living in a land of Big Stuff. She needs to know...

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