Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who let the Dogs out?

A financial and moral success for those of you out there waiting with baited breath.

Anyhoo, did my good deed for the day before 9a.m. Our daft dog was yelping and scrabbling at the
front door. When I looked out there was the most adorable little Beagle mix sitting out front.
Luckily he had his tags on so I called "Blackies" owner who came and collected him. Feeling
good about that.
The HG "cured" our mutt from his wandering ways, didn't ask how he did it, don't know if I'd
approve of the answer j/k
Suffice to say I can now leave the door open to unload groceries,put out trash cans etc instead
of having the whole Fort Knox thing going on and screaming at Scoot "Don't let the dog out!"
Nothing worse than searching the streets for a black dog at night!
Well of course there are worse things, but it's up there in my top 100, right before having your girlfriend call you to tell you that the Dollar Store has a new shipment of bras in and if you buy one your going on her hit list!
If she was REALLY a GF she'd have bought me a dozen!
Of course when I tell her this she makes the lame excuse "I don't know your size"
Since when the hell did size matter??? For a Dollar I'll squeeze or stuff!
Need to go call my mum now to give her the result of todays fiasco,she'll be relieved.

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