Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She drives me crazy

"Happy Cows come from California"
I think not!
"Happy Cows come from Scotland"
Granted most of them are "MAD" but whats a wee bit of "the insanity" if you are happy?
Home in June we were amazed at the grins on the faces of the "Coos" ( cows ) as we drove past their lush fields of green. Albeit the grins were verging on manic.

Have to say that these Coos were HUGE.
Nothing like the scrawny bedraggled excuses you see here.
Huge, fat, happy, mad, Coos, each and every one.
Most especially the good old "Highland Coo"
And they're smart! They call each other on Public Telephones regularly! I just know they'll all be wanting cell phones next.

Are very talented!

Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw tourists stopping to photograph Cows in California?
Highland cows are more photographed then Queen Lizzy.
Not that she's brought out much for a public airing these days, but you get my drift.
Now scottish sheep on the other hand...a whole blog in itself

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Narm said...

Holy cow!

That was too easy.