Monday, September 8, 2008


And I though I was smart...pah
Here it is.
Every day at the Ranch, Pedro, the very nice Stall Cleaner grins at me and says,
" como estas?"
I grin back and say " de nada"
Now, I did think it strange that he would give a muffled giggle but hey, Spanish with a Scottish accent might sound a wee bit funny, right?
It became a tad more odd when he started to invite his buddy's, family and every other Spanish speaker at the Ranch ( some I think he just pulled in off the street...didn't recognise them) to be present during our daily discourse.
Odd but rather nice in a "wow aren't I popular" way, lots of smiling faces and "these people are so friendly" way.
He shows up yesterday, doesn't usually work Sunday and gives his usual greeting and is met with my usual response. My darling student starts laughing and says " What did you just say?" I repeat, still grinning, now like a demented chimp on acid, thinking am I'm getting this whole new language thing ?
Apparently, as I was informed, after she composed herself and managed not to fall off the horse, I am supposed to say " Bien Gracias, y usted?" but guess what, I'm not gonna, so there!
I'll stick with "de nada" I like it, Pedro likes it, hell his bluddy whole community likes it.

I'll continue later, need to shop, my road is being "Slurried" ????????? today, major inconvenience and I want to know why Autumn is Fall?

This is me, blending in with the locals!
Wow I really need to get to the Salon, all this facial hair does NOT become me...

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Narm said...

That mustache is cooler than I'll ever be.