Friday, September 5, 2008

Swing Low...sweet chariot

The Child Iseult was on her game today. My "Vickys Secret" GF came over and we got talking about boobs...AGAIN.

She starts twittering on about the big VS sale and me getting "fitted".
Apparently you have to have this done by a woman??
WTF? you have to go gay to buy a bra these days?
If anyone is venturing even remotely close to my "girls" HE is going to be hot.
No way is some chick checking them out and I don't care how cute she is!
Then she starts on about "bra types" ...who knew?
Two cups, some serious under wire ( construction strength) and I'm good to go.
I am titillatingly gorgeous in my Ross Rejects.
Demi-bra? What you only get one cup? Let the other one swing ( and I'm talking National Geographic African Tribeswoman here)
THEN I'm going on about built in bra T-shirts and the problems they pose...for me.
The Child Iseult quips " Mommy you have a UNI-BOOB"
Am I a medical miracle?, a freak of nature?
Uni-boob, the latest fashion statement?
YES people I am the Uni-boob pioneer.
Lets just see the reaction in VS when I inform them of my unusual ehmm "condition"
None of the staff in Ross would bat an eyelid!

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