Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sick of Myself

I'm ill.
You wait all summer for that wonderful day when your kids go back to school.
There's always a catch though.
The little horrors manage to contaminate themselves with every viral infectious disease on the planet.
Not that they display any symptoms ( well maybe the odd sniffle)oh no, they deliberatley bring the wee feckers home hidden in clothes, backpacks,shoes etc.
So just when the unsuspecting "mommy" is getting ready to monopolise on her new found freedom out they come and totally destroy her immune system.
So I'm ill.
Just to top it all off I go to Wally World to get some cold/flu medication only to encounter a wee Asian lady in the "facial products section".
I'm walking down there to get to Cold Remedies, minding my own business, looking like crap, feeling really sorry for myself and she POUNCES. WTF??
Waving a tube of Olay Regenerist in my face ( I know I look like hell but give me a break lady, I'm ill!)
Her - This very good Olay for you!
Me - Hmm
Her - Yes you buy
Me - Oh I ehmm...
Her - I use every day for years and look my skin!
Me - yes, very nice
Her - You buy, you look like me soon
Me - Hmmmm?
Her - yes you look like me, I 71 years old!

Stick a fork in me I'M DONE. Think I'll give decapitation a try, save myself a fortune on "OLAY"

I bought a tube...OK!!


Liz said...

Oh dear. Feel better. Who knows, maybe you passed it on to her, the evil-do-gooder.

lacochran said...

You pretty lady. You buy! You look young like me! :)

I hope you feel better.