Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coming Up Roses - Elliot Smith

Only one thing smells like Poop.
I put both dogs out this morning for their a.m. ablutions.
Wee Fiddle scratches at the door to get back in. ( Odd that Banjo has never done this )
Onywiy ( that's how I pronounce "anyway") I let both dogs in and continue reading fellow Bloggers posts.
Sniff - yucky sniff NOT aromatic sniff
Sniff, sniff
My nostrils are not amused.
Fidddle has had "The Diarrhea"
Fiddle has a tail like an Industrial Mop.
Fiddle has a Poop filled Industrial Mop.
Fiddle has taken it upon himself to paint floors, walls and carpet with his Mop.
Fiddle thinks he should win an award.

poop Pictures, Images and Photos

I made a sign.
Now I just need to teach him to read.

poop Pictures, Images and Photos
Fiddle has been Lysol'd, bleached and disinfected along with everything he decided to paint.
Fiddle has the cleanest bum and tail that any dog could wish for.
Fiddle has come out of this whole debacle smelling of Roses.
My nostrils however may be damaged for life.
Oh and did I mention my horrendous gag reflex? ( dentists hate me)
It's working folks, it's definitely working.


LiLu said...

Wait! You're a day early!

lacochran said...

I hope you haven't stifled his creativity.

Bilbo said...

Ah, the joys of dog ownership...when Fido (or Fiddle, or Banjo, or whatever) finds some ghastly mess in the great outdoors and opts to roll and frolic in it. At times like these, those very lifelike plastic dogs sold in home decorating stores make very attractive pets.

fiona said...

Lilu - Oh a TMI and I didn't recognise it!
LA - He is sufficiently "stifled"!
Bilbo - There is NO joy only smell...

Mike said...

TMI about what? You should have taken pictures!

wv - chourgem - As in "Fiona chourgem of a person".

Amanda said...

LOL! I like how you called it "The Diarrhea". On a similar note, but from Toddler world, my SIL taught me to refer to it as the Sh*t Express.