Monday, February 16, 2009

Natural Disaster - Andrew Bird

Happy Presidents Day.
Yet another excuse for having 3 (swapped at birth) kids terrorizing the house.
They are each, a weapon of mass destruction...could clear a city with just one ear piercing scream.
Maybe I should hire them out?
Make some money?


Today is all about bodily fluids.
Yes, we all suffer from them.
I ask you this:
Why are they odiferous and I'm not talking fragrant here!
Why are "certain" fluids reminisce of soapy dish water...figure it out yourself ladies
Throughout nature there are wonderful tastes and aromas.
The humble Orange, the delectable Peach and what about the Strawberry?
What about the Strawberry.
Small, insignificant wee red thing growing on the ground.
But the smell is delightful and the taste is tantalizing on the tongue.
I might even get over my aversion to "Coos" if there were strawberries involved.

Strawberry Fields Pictures, Images and Photos

A country garden, delectable - inhales, deeply satisfied.
The Roses, Herbs and fragrant borders...

country garden Pictures, Images and Photos

(Well that was interesting in a pee your pants bodily fluid kind of way!
I asked Photobucket for "Country Garden" and got 100 photos of a Chinese family eating dinner in what must be their favourite restaurant!)

Back on topic.

1. Yep, your correct, I have been cleaning bathrooms this morning.

2. Why, oh why, oh why, do even fluids emitted through pleasurable means, have to be so...

Someones having a good laugh at our expense. Mother Nature thinks she's funny, huh?
That's all I'm saying!


Mike said...

Remember where the pheromones are for the guys and gals from a previous post of mine? You're cleaning up the good stuff!

Wv - foric - opposite of 'for nice'

Narm said...

That soapy water comment left me feeling confused and dirty.

lacochran said...

Cows are sweethearts. At worst, they'd lick you to death. Now, horses, they're a bit scary.

fiona said...

Mike - Ya think!?
Narm - and this is unusual because...
LA - What about the Mooooo sound huh?

LiLu said...

Ugh. You just reminded me how badly our own bathroom needs some TLC...

Bilbo said...

You are, of course, able to control those nasty bodily fluids to a certain extent. I long ago decided to just take my mugs of beer from the bar directly to the men's room and pour them right into the urinal. Why should I just be the middleman, eh?

vw - ailetr: what I write to people who promise to write back.