Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - The Ramones

I'm going to interrupt my wee narrative with a newsflash.

Scoot has always had short hair...he's a he, so it works.
When he was younger, from around 4 - 8, I had to cut it, with scissors, while he was sleeping.
This was no mean feat.
(lol @ mean feet...forget it, I'm a tad giddy today)
The early days had some rather disturbing results as he would often wake up screaming!
Poor wee guy, who wouldn't start screaming if they woke up with "Mommy Dearest" brandishing scissors around their head...cue creepy music
He HATED haircuts more than soda (still hates soda to this day)
On many occasions he would have to go to school with half a haircut.
Turning him over was the problem! That's when he would wake up.
As time passed and SB had hair loss issues, SB began buzzing what was left of his erstwhile flowing locks.

hair clipper set Pictures, Images and Photos

No4~No3~No2~by 2000 it was guard off, down to the scalp.
Scoot became quite fascinated with the clippers, hanging out, watching his fathers gradual progression into the ranks of "Bald Ba%$&rds"
Soon enough he was requesting- "Scoots hair cut please"
No more midnight haircuts using a flashlight!
Turning the light on also woke him up...
So, for the last few years Scoot has proudly sported a rather natty No4

As all you young(er) readers are aware, fashion has gone full cycle and guys are growing their hair again.
Side bangs are Unisex and cool if you are...
Scoot decided he wanted to grow his hair. He's becoming quite the teen let me tell you!
It's taken about 10 months to get it just right.
He's been in front of the mirror every morning with his hair "products" looking good.
Last night.
Around 9p.m.
Scoot - May I have a haircut mommy? ( he talks like that...cute huh?)
Me - Oh Scoot it's late, I'll trim it tomorrow ok?
Scoot - Yes, haircut tomorrow.
Me - goodnight darlin
Scoot - Goodnight

Meanwhile, The Child Iseult is just out of the shower...

TCI - Mom can I borrow you hairdryer mines not working. (yelling from upstairs)
Me - Yes ( Yelling from the Sofa)

Friggin madhouse as usual.

SB and I are snuggled on the sofa watching TV. Faint whirrr of hairdryer from above.
Half an hour later
SB - How long does it take her to dry her hair, I can still hear that bluddy hairdryer.
Me - Oh she'll be done soon
SB - That bluddy noise is beginning to really "annoy" me
Me ~thought bubble~(Maybe if you had hair it would dull the noise you bald ba$%&ard!)
Me ~said~ Look she's bound to be done soon just ignore it.

Sure enough the noise abruptly stopped.
I looked and smiled at SB...told ya!

Oh, mea culpa, mea culpa

Voice from behind the sofa

Scoot - Scoots hair is all cut

It was NOT the hairdryer.
It was SBs hair clippers.
There was no guard on them.
Scoot is BALD. Right down to the scalp. Not one solitary hair on his head.
Laugh/cry both.


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This morning he wanted his hair back!
Sorry buddy.
Scoot - Scoots head is freezing. My hair is all gone.
Me- Do you want a hat?
Scoot - yes

He's off to school wearing a hat. This may prove necessary for some time.

It'll grow back, it will, it will...


lacochran said...

I have often wondered what I would look like with no hair. I've had very short hair (unlike now) but never buzzed it. Always been afraid my head might look oddly shaped or something.

Here's hoping Scoot has a nicely shaped head.

LiLu said...

OH my lord. Pictures! I demand them!

Ms. Sadie said...

Oh hun - that was laugh out loud funny. Poor Scoot.

I do luv the way he says may I and mummie.

Blog Stalker said...

OMGosh! we have had our girls cut their own hair, but never like that! yikes!

It will grow back though, and you will all look back and laugh about this with his own kids.

Have a great day!

Mike said...

Hey Scoot, it seemed like a good idea at the time, right buddy?

Bilbo said...

Hair today, gone tomorrow, ha, ha.