Thursday, February 5, 2009

Listen Up - Oasis

I've got a bee in my bonnet today. See it?

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As you may or may not know, makes not an iota of difference because I'm going to tell you anyway, Scoot rides the School Bus.
He has ridden the lovely Yellow Special Ed School Bus for around 10 years.
This is not my choice but having three kids who have never attended the same school at the same time, logistics have made it necessary.

Backtrack - Prior to waking up one morning in this US of A, I actually had a job. I was the Manager of a Residential home for the elderly. We had 40 residents but also provided Day Care for seniors still living independently but with limited mobility.
Every morning we would send our Bus out, to pick up those who would then spend the day with us.
Every afternoon the bus would ferry them home.
By LAW we HAD to provide an escort on the bus.
Common sense decreed that it was not SAFE to have 6+ elderly riding the bus with only the driver.
In the event of ANYTHING happening, from someone being sick to an all out RTA the driver could not attend to his passengers.
All of this 25 years ago.
Makes sense right?

You would think!
I've been advocating for an escort on the school bus here for 10 years.
Yep, you've got it "no finances available"
Yesterday Scoots bus had not arrived at it's usual time of 2:40.
This happens sometimes, who knows why? Driver taking the scenic route?
I usually give it 30 minutes then call to ask where it is.
My home phone rang at 3:o5.
Bus company informing me that Scoots bus had been involved in an accident. No-one hurt.
Thank the Lord.
They said that CHP were not allowing the students to leave the bus but that Scoot was upset and could I go to the "scene"
I asked for directions.
The accident happened in the next town. It took me 25 minutes to get there.
I arrived 3:30. He should have been home at 2:40.
Now you all know that Math is not my forte but by my reckoning, the accident must have happened before 2:15. And they didn't call me till 3:05!!
The bus was full of kids. The bus was surrounded by cops.
The driver was on the bus filling out a report.
I had to wait with Scoot for a further 10 minutes until he was "released"
Every horrible scenario possible ran through my mind from the moment of the call until I had him in my arms.
It is just wrong to have these defenceless children in such a vulnerable position.
I might also add that if a child has "issues" on the bus then restraint straps are used.
Try unbuckling yourself from those!
I'm going to be speaking out a tad louder on this issue, shouting if necessary, as of today.
Wish me luck, I know I'm going to need it!


Bilbo said...

Good luck. Be loud. There is no excuse for rank stupidity like this. Let us know if you get any satisfaction (not that I'm holding my breath or anything, you understand...).

lacochran said...

I think you're justified in wanting an escort on the bus. Makes good sense. Although, if you push it they may ask you to volunteer in that capacity. Maybe not. Maybe they can "find" the money if there's enough outrage. Might consider getting the paper or local TV involved.

Mike said...

I've always thought a monitor belongs in the back of a school bus. (armed with a taser) But your right. You will never get past the 'costs to much' argument. Maybe if parents volunteered to do one ride a month? Oops I forgot, liability. Nevermind.

Definition - infinity - The time it takes a mother to get to a child in distress.

Dad's response to call - Is he OK? Do I have time to go to the hardware store before he gets home?

fiona said...

Bilbo - thank you darlin!
LA - paper and TV why didn't I think of that? Good to have you at my back!
I think? lol
Mike - Yeh, I called "dad" 5 times between 3:05 and 3:30, he called back at around 6...nuff said.
And your right about the liability deal, tried that.

LiLu said...

Oh, poor munchkins! That's horrible! I'm sorry... time to be a Mama Bear...

John said...

Good luck, dearie!

John said...

by the way, talk to some of the other parents...the more loud voices, the better!

Amanda said...

Its just crazy that they didn't call you for such a long time!

Maybe you'll have a lot more supporters in your quest for an escort on the bus after this incident.

fiona said...

Lilu - Mama bear it is!
John - Thanks for the support!
Amanda - I hope so, my GF told me she heard about the accident on the local radio at 2:10!

Ms. Sadie said...

Poor Scoot. Hope he is not scared to ride the bus in the future!