Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra

Here I am, back by popular demand.
Well if you include Bilbos comment "Are you still alive" as demand.
I've been flying under the radar this week, not through choice I might add!
Sold a horse on Tuesday...go me, sniff sniff sniff ( these are happy sniffs )
Got sick on Tuesday night.
Scoot sent home form school sick Wednesday morning.
SB home sick Wednesday, Thursday , Friday.
Girls both fine. I think that they are friggin ALIENS.
So that's where I've been, flitting between bed, mopping up yeugh and keeping the girls lives going as usual.
Anyhoo I've missed everyone and will be performing a back to back blog reading ASAP!

So, today is February 14th and I think my butt shows it all...

valentine ass Pictures, Images and Photos

And FRANKIE sings it all, I love Frank by the way ;)

Have a Happy Smooch Day people!
Hugs Fxxxxxx


Bilbo said...

Hope everyone is well again...we missed you. And I think I speak for all of us (well, Mike and I, anyhow) when I say that you either have a very nice butt or a very good body double.

vw - dedialo: what you use to enter numbers on an Italian telephone.

Mike said...

YOOWWWEEE!!! Is that you?! I'll be right over. Just to make sure it really is you. I'm savin' that picture. Would want a nice photo to get lost. Take your time on the next post and try to out do this one.

Wv - progrig - Advocating for grigs.

Amy said...

Wow! I wish my ass looked like that! Keep doin' whatever yer doin'! Ha!

Hey, come on- if you post a pic like that there has to be video to go with it!!

Hope you had a fabulous V day, even if I am a bit late!

LiLu said...

I love Frankie too! All the crooners, in fact. Happy Vday, lady... hope you're feeling better!

Mike said...

I just saved that picture again.

fiona said...

Bilbo - Thank you dear ;)
Mike - It's all butt with you isn'tit!
Amy - Video in production!
Lilu - I heart ya darlin
Mike - I love it!

lacochran said...

Glad you are okay.

How do you walk in those heels?

fiona said...

LA - TY dearie. The heels are not the problem it's the lack of legs!