Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is in the air - John Paul Young

Since I can think of nothing interesting or witty to ditty about today I'm going to bore everyone with a stagger down memory lane.
My memory lane.
SB and I get hitched.

Chapter 1. The Engagement

It was 1989. A balmy night in Edinburgh.
We were sitting on a wall, outside a pub, waiting to go to a Van Morrison concert at Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle Pictures, Images and Photos

Why were we on a wall?
The pub was full to capacity, we were overspill.
SB went inside to get us "more" drink, because we really needed more.
He fought through the crowds, arms upraised...didn't spill a drop.
He handed me my beverage and as he swayed ( music playing in his head?) he slurred -

SB - shoow je wannae git married? ( imagine an inebriated Sean Connory voice here)
Me -( Fell off the wall )

Yep there I am! Mouth agape...
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He took that as a yes.
His Mantra :

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More to follow, if you like?


lacochran said...

Ha! Kermy has been hitting that rainbow connection a little hard.

"He fought through the crowds, arms upraised...didn't spill a drop."

That's definitely marriage material there.

fiona said...

LA - I trained him...just saying

John said...

Now that's true romance.

wv: perspir--what he might have been doing if he hadn't been drunk..perspiring.

fiona said...

John - He is indeed Roomantic! In an orangutan kinda way...

Mike said...

I like his mantra.

Wv - berderma - The skin on a bird.

fiona said...

Mike - Why does this not surprise me?

Amanda said...

LOL! Yes, we need to know what happens after he realizes you've fallen off the wall.

Bilbo said...

I used to enjoy the Saturday morning serials, so I'm sure I'll enjoy the coming installments of the fairytale wedding of SB and Fiona. Of course, most episodes of those Saturday morning serials ended with the heroine in some sort of deadly peril not necessarily involving alcohol.

vw - vetabdie: what happens when you don't feed your vetab.