Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feels So Good by Van Halen

Look at me...
Look at me damn it!
Screaming hoards recoil!
There now, that got you all shook up.
Ugly as ever, but in the post
I have had the most wonderful week and it's all thanks to "Facebook"...yeah whatever, you cynics
I have found my bff from school!
We lost touch 30 years ago.
Over the decades I have tried to find him via the 'net" but with no success.
I slap my ugly mush on face book and guess who's there?
It's so surreal, it's not even's mental
AND it just keeps getting better
I'm back in touch with one of the best and nicest gals I ever had the honor to know and be in a BAND with!
Yes dear reader, I was once a member of an "all girl" band...whole weeks worth of posts right there!
We made the local newspaper headlines I'll have you know!
AND I'm "friends" with "the love of my teen life" which those who know me, think is the funniest thing EVER!
Laugh on I say ( thank the Lord "HE" has no clue) laugh on...
I heart facebook.
Facebook has made me happy.
Facebook has reconnected me with people I love, but had lost.
Facebook has that photo of me with my horse. It's not a closeup. grateful for that small thing!
Oh, oh and Facebook allows me to send "Gifts fae Scotland" which i have to say, stressed our dear BILBO out...hilarious


Mike said...

"It's not a closeup."

You anticipated that question well in advance. Good job.

fiona said...

Mike- I FEEL the love, I FEEL it! lol

fiona said...

BTW- where is the WV huh??? I EXPECT more of you...ugly grin going on here

Mike said...

Wv - aprewho - Don't know who the perp is yet.

Bilbo said...

I am always stressed out by anything involving gifts and the Internet, especially when it is accompanied by a Facebook popup that tells me that to take advantage of it, I must allow Facebook (and, apparently, anyone they designate) to have full access to every part of my Facebook page for their own use. Such things weird me out. Well, okay, I'm weird already, but you know what I mean. I tend to be paranoid about the Internet, and careful about what I post there. Oh, well...that's life in the wired age.

vw: hynateri - a Japanese delicacy made of marinated scavengers.

John said...

My kids keep telling me that old people (meaning me and their mom) shouldn't be on Facebook. It doesn't matter that their fb friends are the kids they see in school every day and mine are across the country and around the world. I have also made connections with friends from long ago.

wv: macci..I think it's a short curly pasta noodle.

fiona said...

Bilbo - Although the "gift" is just a photo, close your eyes and imagine taking a sip...there ya go stress all gone!

John - My kids are EXACTLY the same! The nerve...:-)

Blog Stalker said...

still have not done the facebook thing. I too am a little paranoid about it! Cool that you found long lost friends though.

Have a great day!

fiona said...

BS - You should try it, it's kinda fun

LiLu said...

FB definitely has both benefits and detriments... the Limited Profile (and blocking) are my best friends.

fiona said...

Lilu - noted my dear, thanks for the heads up...:)