Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Long - Jackson Browne

I think it's time for a Boobie Sunday!
And the crowd goes wild!...does one reader constitute a crowd?
I am quite adept at "solo" crowd creation. I'm quite noisy.
I could hire myself out, as a crowd.
Parties for sad people with no friends, weddings for couples who hate their in-laws etc
Hey I could be on to something here folks!
If I offer LA 50% of the hiring fee , we could even do stadium events, for groups everyone hates or teams with no supporters...hmmmmmm
Enough of that nonsense, moving onwards and upwards and "supporters" bringing me back on my case gravitational forces have eliminated any upward boobie "stance".

Saggy Pictures, Images and Photos

That's sad.
That's yucky.
Sorry, if you were eating breakfast and had a rather disturbing mental image.
I feel for you, I really do.
I can view the "real" thing(s) every day...imagine that
You'll feel ill for the rest of the day...believe me on this one

You know that's not strictly true... if I jump up and down I can hit chin/belly, chin/ belly so there is an UPWARD after all... shame about the downward.

funny smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

I took WT to the pubic swimming pool a few years back.
She was only 2 or 3 so we went into the dressing room together to get changed.
I got her ready then started to remove my underthingys

WT - Mommy?
Me - Yes darlin?
WT - Mommy why are your boobies long?

We remained in the cubicle until the giggles and snorts died down from the surrounding, filled to capacity, cubes.
Feckin "popular" public swimming pools!
Thank the good lord for under wired Bikini Tops.

Oh yes indeedy.
You can lift yer boobies with a bra but ye cannae change your accent!
I whispered to WT for the duration of our swim.

WT - Mommy why are you whispering?
Me - Shhhhhhhhhhhhh


LBluca77 said...

HA this post is so funny!! I love the picture of the old lady and her saggy boobs, I mean nuts.

Mike said...

I've run across some videos that would fit this post perfectly. I've refrained from posting them. I may change my mind.

Wv - chedubl - When there's no thoughts flowing go to google.

Moire che dubl zist hoeng janu nunn nija ro 12 rosi.

I hope this isn't something bad.

fiona said...

LB - Whadda ya mean "old lady" I'm young I tell you, YOUNG! Not my best photo shoot though...
Mike - Get Posting! But please do give me a mention! lol

fiona said...

Mike! any sentence including - hoe, nun, ninja (lol) and rosey has to be are a bad bad boy!

Alyssa said...

Hahahahaha-look what I found:

"I took WT to the pubic swimming pool a few years back."

That sounds dirty.

fiona said...

Alyssa- Woohoo your stalking days are DONE GF...I heart ya!

lacochran said...

You link to me and it's in a post about sagging boobs.


John said...

funny, funny stuff!

wv: recke..what happened on the Interstate Saturday that slowed me down so much!

Bilbo said...

The term for which you are looking is "wubble" - a wubble being a young lady whose upper torso wubbles wildly around when she walks down the street, such that she gets two black eyes when jogging.

vw: inglu - the interior of an igloo, which is an appropriate residence for this morning.

fiona said...

LA - It's Money Honey! Sorry if it was a blow "under the belt" LMAO

John - Nice smile !

Bilbo - The I am indeed an official WUBBLE! Now I must tell the WORLD...

Kevin John said...

Funny Story Fiona!

I tried to find out what the language Mike was using is, but had no why is Mike a bad bad boy?

fiona said...

KJ - Thank you *curtsy* I have no idea what language Mike was yabbering in I just picked up certain sounds...hoe= whore, nun and rosi ninja...get it? Oh hell maybe I'm more wakko than Mike!!!

Mike said...


LiLu said...

I was eating lunch, but I totally forgive you. That picture is THAT freaking funny.

fiona said...

Lilu - No Heimlich? Thank GOD!

Narm said...

Hilarious. All boobies are good boobies.

Except man boobies.

So your boobies still win.

fiona said...

Narm - I heart you! I'm a "boobie" PRIZE...wait, thats fecked it? lmao

lacochran's evil twin said...

I give up... why do you associate me with money?

fiona said...

LA(evil twin) - Ach you know you LOVE it!