Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dance me to death by Gary Driver

Down to business.
It's rather interesting being old(er) and possessing a youngish child.
Wait did I say that right?
Child possession, possessed child.
No matter, both equally fitting methinks.
WT is on a mission.
She's always on missions about something or other but this one has ME as it's focal point.
Some female called "Hannah Montana" ( who would give their child a name like that?)
has released new song.
But here's the rub, it's not just a song, oh no!
There's a Dance that goes along with it.
WT has determined that, not only must Mommy learn the words to this song, Mommy has to learn the dance!
I'm feckin wiped!
I've been Polka Dottin and Country-fying for hours!
My "Hawk in the sky" is somewhat reminisce of Al Jolsens "Mammy" moves.
waving hands Pictures, Images and Photos

The 180 turn has my "Whirling Dervish" impersonation written all over it!
Look at those Dervishes Whirl will you! Nothing beats a good old Whirling Dervish I always say.

whirling dervishes Pictures, Images and Photos

I defy any of you (over 40) to attempt this!
At your own risk of course...make sure you have full medical cover.
Worst part of all? I can't get the damn song outta my head!

HOEDOWN SHOWDOWN get the moves going , boom boom clap de clap!

I'm going to have a lie down before she gets home from school and I have to "pop it, lock it"


LiLu said...

If you don't create video evidence of this choreography...

Well, I don't know what I'll do. I'm on the east coast, after all. But I'll think of SOMETHING!

fiona said...

LiLu - you could "Snuggie" me to death!

Mike said...

HEY! Where'd my comment go? I watched that ..... umm .... crazy .... yeah that's a nice way to say it ... crazy video and everything.

Wv: flersigi - What you do to Sigi when he makes you mad.

fiona said...

Mike - Did Ya try it though???? lmao

Amanda said...

LOL! You must be a very cool mom for doing that with your daughter.

You definitely need to get a video of the both of you doing that.

fiona said...

Amanda - Yeh "icy" lol Maybe I will video us!

Bilbo said...

When my daughter was in the first grade in Germany, the school had a parents' day, and one of the parent-child events was doing the "Chicken Dance"...with big, yellow, strap-on bills and webbed feet. Thank goodness there were no pictures...

vw: urersi - how one tells someone else that they are ersi.

fiona said...

bilbo _ i'll bet you were the best chicken EVER :-)

lacochran's evil twin said...

If you're going to whirl, it helps to have the outfit because the cloth helps with the momentum. I've heard the idea is to create a vortex and draw god's energy in. Kewl!