Monday, March 9, 2009

Hyperactive by Thomas Dolby

Oh my, Oh my...
SB arrived back home on Saturday having spent a week in Yerevan,Armenia.
More to follow on THAT!
Suffice to say last week I, was the :
1. Best parent
2. Worst parent
3. Housework Diva
4. lonely...
Well he's back now and so begin the "conversations"

Which leads quite obliquely into "Table manners"
Specifically the use of cutlery!
Knives and forks to be even more pedantic...
So dear readers i give you, for the first time EVER, a GUEST INTERVIEW!
Let me introduce to you, the one, the ONLY ( thank feck...eejit ) SB!
Me - How was your trip?
SB - great
Me - Great? Better than home then?
SB - *pathetic* no ( he IS well trained)
Me- Shut the fuck up playing Paul Simon - Down in the schoolyard

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SB - Ohhh's no that!
Me - Aye it is!
SB _Nah remember Prague 1993?
Me - Feck yer right!
SB - WTF was it?
Me - 4 non blondes!!! * check Mikes video of 4 chords*

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* timeout for guitar/singing EXTRAVAGANZA *
ME - Did you eat out?
SB - It's a fuckin interview ask me about the weather...things ( apparently I'm "leading " the witness)
SB- eat out ..yeah
SB - Ok I can't interview, it's pish, I need to do a guest post!
SB- dinnae tell the feckers what it's aboot! It's a RANT, no(t) interview material!
This is as much as I'm going to achieve tonight...
Guest post coming soon...
Don't say I didn't warn you!
P.S. SB, IS da bomb!

SB- ( fuckin Eejitism personified!)


Bilbo said...

So, who put a quarter in YOU this morning, eh? When I come home from a business trip, Agnes always greets me at the door with a happy smile, a warm hug, and the words, "The ____ is broken!"

vw: chaft - describing the bottom under a diaper that needs changing.

lacochran said...

How's about asking what brought SB to Armenia?

Talk about burying the lede.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

It's like watching stoners talk.

Mike said...

I often think of packing up and spending a week in Yerevan, Armenia. But the thought passes quickly. What.... nevermind.

Wv: ingsp - This should be easy but I've got nothing.

fiona said...

Bilbo - LOL I'm a happy camper!
LA - You really want a "technical" report? Be
Abbot - LMAO - ya think?
Just as well I can't type after a couple of drinks, now THAT would be something!

fiona said...

Mike - Is that a hint that you want to go with him next time? ;-)

LiLu said...

Awwwww re: lonely.

I so hope to have what you have ;-)

fiona said...

Lilu - You can have it! It's yours!
FREE! Does that mean I get B? ;-)