Saturday, March 21, 2009

As Good As I Once Was - Toby Keith

I don't usually post twice in one day but I feel the need to share.
SB is broken.
A physically broken specimen of maleness.
It's not pretty.
He's walking around- barely- in a OMG I've pooooooped my pants kinda way.
Reeking of Icy Hot.
Poor Baby?
NO feckin Eejit!
Two things happened to him this morning.

Clarification- I was NOT either of them!

1. He tried to get on his horse (bareback) from the rail of the Round Corral.
He's done it a million times.
Today, Talisker decide to walk off just as SB swung his leg over!
SB on his arse, in the dirt, Talisker looking at him like was a jackass - smart horse!

Did this cause the "broken" body?


SB decides to "right" himself, from flat on his back to Homo-sapien UPRIGHT...get this
By doing a feckin BACKFLIP!

*aside * he assures me that in his "soccer" days it was the "only" way to get back on yer feet!

Backflip Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, well thats as maybe but those days are long gone darlin!

So picture this, or not ( for those of you out there with more "delicate constitutions")

SB lunges backwards, forgetting two important details!
1. He is now OLD and OUT OF SHAPE

Handicap Fall Down Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Relevant in it's own way...he's wearing a cowboy hat ( now feckin SQUISHED)

He gets to the point, of both legs, up in the air, 90deg, when...OMFG his back LOCKS!

right after she fell flat on her back. hilarious Pictures, Images and Photos

Sad but true!
The mind was willing but the body was way smarter!


Bilbo said...

Tell him dancing is safer. And, oh by the way, your Toby Keith song drowned out the iTunes playlist I was happily listening to. AARRGGHH!!

vw: wnsev - six?

LiLu said...

Ummmm... I'm pretty sure that last picture is me.

Mike said...

Lower back problem? Been there done that. Get some towels. Roll them up to the right size to make the lower back feel better where ever he's sitting; chair, car, etc. It will get better. He will also have to do this forever.

fiona said...

Bilbo - he has been told! ooops@Toby
Lilu - It is? lol
Mike - Sheesh I'm now married to a towel rolling cripple!

Amanda said...

OW! That sounds painful.

Hope he gets better soon and doesn't have to keep rolling towels.