Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take it Easy byThe Eagles

Well Boobie Sunday seemed to be quite a tit...oops typo! HIT, HIT,HIT.
So how to keep the readers interest?
More Boobies would be the obvious/easy answer.
Thing is while I've always been "easy" I tend not to be"obvious"
Easy and/or Obvious...
Hell yes!
Being easy is easy!
Trying not to be obvious about it, is a wee bit trickier.
Strategies, arrows in yer quiver! Oh my THAT sounded a tad obvious...
A gal needs arrows, good ones.
Oh jeebus I'm sounding like "Robin friggin Hood"

hood Pictures, Images and Photos

In days of old...I was quite Foxy

Robin Hood Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh my, this Post is just not working the way it was supposed to!
I think I have subconscious tight buying needs?
A "Robin" wannabe?
No STOCKINGS going on here!
What can I say...
The gals will get it!
The lads...not so much
I hope?


Bilbo said...

I quite literally don't know what to say. Perhaps that's a good thing.

vw: soristi - more than one sorist.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

(snicker). She said "arrows" and "quiver"! Heh