Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Free by The Rolling Stones

I was pondering over my St Patricks day post and it occurred to me just how much of a pain in the bahooky I am...sometimes
Hell, if I was a 20something American, with a drizzle of Irish blood flowing in my veins I'd be first out of the gate and into the nearest pub!
365 days of the feckin YEAR!
That said, I still think the old guy was a jerk.

Which leads me quite nicely into, what makes us who we are?
My earliest childhood recollection is of a huge picture on my Grannies living room wall.
(Dads mum)
I was terrified of it.
That bluddy eye, following me around the room! The weird shapes surrounding it.
I was too young to even ask about it, all I knew was, that it was scary.

freemason Pictures, Images and Photos

A few years later I became aware of the fact that my dad went out every Wednesday night, wearing an APRON!
He also wore a ring with the same markings as the PICTURE.
In my innocence I never questioned the fact that I had an Uncle Mason and two cousin Masons'.
It probably should have given me a clue huh?
I mean lets face it, it was hardly a Family secret!
- Oh, let me introduce you to Mason...the Mason
By the time I understood the relevance of the "picture", apron, ring and names it was all quite a normal part of my life.
My Grandpa and two of my Uncles were Masters. It was a good thing. It was something to be proud of.
BUT it was a secret! I can't ever remember being told not to talk about it, but am very aware that I never did.
I was intrigued with my dads "wee book" Which he would let me read in the knowledge that the contents meant nothing to me.
So I was indoctrinated.
When I was 18, I dated a guy who worked as a Slater for a large construction company.
He met me one night, in a foul mood, ranting and raving about "Masonic Bastards" at his work!
I was totally stunned.
People "out there" didn't think it was a good thing?
These days it's something I think about occasionally.
When you have been brought up with certain family beliefs it is difficult to break away.
Do I agree with the Freemasonry?
All I know is, that had I been born a male...just gimme a funny handshake and call me Mason!

P.S. I found out not that long ago that my mum was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.
When I asked her about it she said - "Oh, we danced a lot"
I'm wondering if Lilu and her Stanky Leg would qualify for membership!


John said...

You don't seem like the Masonic type. You remind me of the one that would be making fun of all of the "mystic secrets"...especially the secret handshake.

bandit said...

I don't know anything about masons. i'm just letting you know I dropped by. I'll check out your blog more as you seem to have such a good time with Mike and Bilbo.

fiona said...

Ah John - you know me sooo well :-)
Bandit - Thanks for dropping in! AND yes Bilbo and Mike are "my people" lol

Kevin John said...

Yes, the "All seeing Eye."

Now where have I seen that before?
Of course in my wallet on dollar bills! Now why on earth would they put that there I wonder....
I would love to have chatted with your family Fiona, I love secret stuff!

Bilbo said...

Ah, Dearest Fiona - beautiful, crazy, AND a Mason! What more could a man want?

Narm said...

Sometimes I drink out of a mason jar. Does that count?

fiona said...

KJ - Oh my family would give you your fill! TRUST ME! lol
Bilbo - MONEY????
Narm - Consider yourself "a member" lmao

Mike said...

Running around to blogs late tonight. I see Kevin beat to the 'eye' comment. My wife has an uncle that's a 28th degree mason. But he never talks about it. It's a secret.

Wv: unalunf - a failed attempt at unalup.

fiona said...

Mike -28th degree?
He's a CHEF??

LiLu said...

Oh, I would TOTALLY qualify!!! Who could turn this hawtness down?

Mandy said...

The only thing I know about the Masons is that there was something about them in the National Treasure movie wasnt there?