Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw

Teeth are going to bankrupt us.
Five sets of pearly whites do not come cheap here in the US.
We Scots don't have the "good teeth" gene, we just don't...
Of course our diet leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to healthy teeth.
As kids, some of the most common snacks were :
A Sugar sandwich ( yep, a heap of sugar on two slices of bread, if you were "posh" you'd have butter on it too)
A grated apple - sprinkled with sugar
A sliced banana - sprinkled with sugar
A stalk of Rhubarb picked from the garden
( with a wee bag of sugar to dip it in )

I'm thinking I should bill my mum for all of my dental expenses!
That's a joke mum!
(She's got herself a PC and may have figured out how to get here...yeah, more on that soon...)

The kids are all at the "needs braces" age.
Kid with braces!

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I'm sure I could do this myself if I only had the right tools!
(go check out BILBO 's post today all about tools, hilarious)
I personally have more "bridges" than the feckin "Bay"
Here's why.
30+ years ago in Scotland, Dentists were "extraction" gurus.
You only ever went to the Dentist if you had a toothache.
There was no such thing as a check up ( kinda sad when I look back and realise it was all FREE)
Your front six teeth, top and bottom had the advantage over anything beyond.
They would be filled, polished, get the "royal" treatment.
The rest?
Like this as I recall

Demon Scottish Dentist - So the pains in that wee tooth? Second premolar nurse!
Me - Aye
DSD - let's have a wee smile then lassie
Me- grimace grin ( I'm in pain here folks! and I'm only 12)
DSD - Och aye, ye cannae see it when ye smile (smiling)
Me - ?
DSD - Extraction nurse!

And so on and so forth over a decade...hence the "bridges"

My kids don't know how lucky they are!
We will be poor as church mice but we'll be smiling all the while!
We BETTER be smiling and showing off the cause of our poverty.
I've told my girls that when I "pass" they have to make sure they get my Bridges and Crowns.
That's their inheritance.
That's where all the money went.
Gold, Diamonds, Jewels ? Forget it.
My teeth are the only thing I possess that's cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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lacochran said...

When I was little I used to dip half a lemon in sugar and lick it. I was a weird kid.

Yeah, yeah, nothing changes.

fiona said...

LA - Then you substituted sugar for salt and added a wee drop Tequila...Voila! lol

Mike said...

2 kids. One had braces, one didn't. So I guess I could say I got a 50% discount overall.

Amanda said...

Your childhood snacks and also trips to the dentist sound so much like what my father tells me about during his youth in Malaysia. His favourite snack was bread with condensed milk and sugar on top. And all my inheritance now is going into his teeth!

I am so paranoid about losing my teeth its not funny. When I was pregnant and found out that many women lose their teeth during pregnancy, I was at the dentist EVERY month.

LiLu said...

Tequila shots? Over here, barkeep.

Ms. Sadie said...

Wow and those are just the human teeth! Last year I added all the horses and dogs to the dental bill - too bad I can't deduct their health expenses.

Bilbo said...

Well, that's a post that certainly gives us something to chew on. When I was in high school and college, I did a lot of acting, and we used to suck on lemons before going on stage to prevent dry mouth. Of course, it pretty well dissolved our teeth, but I guess one has to suffer for artistic greatness.

vw: oricroli - huh?

fiona said...

Mike - yer a shyster!
Amanda - When I was pregnant I was there as part of my daily schedule!
Lilu - This ones on the house!
MsS - I hear ya GF! The old mare cost me nearly $500 last year! Shyte I'm all palpitating AGAIN!
Bilbo - What's with you and LA? The TEQUILA negates the effect of the lemon!