Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Like A Virgin by Madonna

I have no idea what's going on!
I had the TV on "mute" and when I glanced at it,
Pres Obama was yakkin away ( I know this cos his lips were moving)
He was on the news and the title thingy that comes up at the bottom of the screen, read "Dicktater"
I had to look twice, thrice even! Oh my, it just doesn't seem right... to me.
I'll listen to the late news to find out why "Da Pres" is being called a "Willypotato"
Why was the TV on mute? I hear you asking yourself!
If you didn't ask yourself, then please pretend you did or this post ain't going anywhere fast.
I will NOT keep you in suspenders any longer my dear, darling, reader - sucking up big time -
The TV was on mute BECAUSE I was having a wee breakdown!
OH NO! cried the fan...see I like to think I'm talking to each and every one of you on a personal level - more sucking up-
Back to the wee breakdown.
As you may (or may not) know WT is in fourth Grade.
I'm pretty confident that my US readers "get it"
For those of you in the UK, read on dear hearts!
For some reason, known only to fourth grade teachers I suspect...
( Just had a family meeting to decide how to write the first four notes of Beethoven's 5th, DEE marginally beat DA)

Just for effect *rep*


She, We, that would be I, am expected to create a model of Santa Cruz Mission.

Mission Santa Cruz_0010 Pictures, Images and Photos

*Laughing hysterically*
Using...get this...Items found in and around the Home.
The whole thing has to be less than 18"x18", Feckin Mission Lilliput!
Oh, I know, lets get those tiny bells I keep handy in the bottom kitchen drawer, you know , just in case I feel the urge to build A FECKIN MISSION!
church bell Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh and don't forget the minuscule friggin wooden door -" top shelf of the laundry"

door to the church Pictures, Images and Photos

See I always knew that wee door would come in handy!
I'm spinning people, spinning I tell ya!
*aside* TCI escaped the torment of the 4th Grade "mission proj" as we were moving house/schools and she managed to wiggle her wee bahooky out of it.
Which leaves me, a VIRGIN MISSION BUILDER!
All suggestions, ideas, sympathy will be MOST appreciated.
*note to self* feedback will determine <> sucking up.
I love you all...


Alyssa said...

I remember when I did my mission project many years ago.

The finished product is sitting in our game room at the moment.

I got to use a kit, but was secretly jealous of the kids who made theirs out of sugar cubes.


fiona said...

Alyssa - YOU ARE NOT HELPING!! feckin "sugar cubes"...hmmmmmmmmmmm

Gilahi said...

Get out the Christmas decorations, find a little sleigh and load it up with wee wrapped gifts. Tell the teacher that you misread the assignment and thought that you were supposed to do a Santa CLAUS Mission Project.

Problem solved.

Mike said...

I think a toothpick mission would look really cool!

LiLu said...

You can keep my in my suspenders anytime you want.


fiona said...

Gilahi - LOL Thanks for that!

Mike - I have 2 weeks...toothpicks pffft :-)

Lilu - I don't know whether or not to be offended.

Bilbo said...

This must be that "Mission: Impossible" thing I've heard so much about. Use popsicle sticks. They're bigger than toothpicks, and you can have the enjoyment of eating the popsicles to take your mind off the agony of the mission project.

vw: craccl - the long-retired partner of Snap and Pop, who used to shill for Rice Krispies.