Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles

I've been somewhat tardy with my Blogging recently because the weather is beautiful here!
Nice Spring weather = WORK
Life is pretty laid back during the winter months, what are you gonna do?
It's dark, wet and miserable.
I know! Write ! Write my Blog to be specific.
Then the bluddy sun comes out and pricks your conscience like...well like a prick I guess?
It's easy to self justify doing diddlysquat on a rainy day.

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Nah, no point, the horses are wet and "smellier" than usual and the ground is only fit for mud wrestling...hmmm.

Nah, everything looks pretty clean (what with my OCD and all)

Yard work?
It's feckin raining ya Eejit! Grass has conveniently stopped growing ( nature is a wonderful thing)
The weeds are hibernating and all my lovely planters are empty.

Then I wake up innocently ( I'm always innocent for the first 5 seconds before I open my eyes)
and there she is, Miss Bluddy Sunshine.

OF COURSE! Those poor horses need turned out. They need to be ridden. They need to be excercised. Oh and grain, they need grain EVERY day. Cleaning tack, get it done!

OMFG When were those windows last washed? Look at the baseboards! Every minuscule particle of dust glaring in the blinding sunlight. OCD OCD...duster in one hand, polish in the other stick a broom up my arse I'm on a MISSION.

Yard Work?
So the grass managed to grow 4inches in one night ( Ah my, if only SB were a lawn...sighs)
Every feckin weed in town has decided to sleep over in MY yard and the sun has woken each and every one of the wee shytes up!

That was a long winded excuse for being busy = exhausted.

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lacochran said...

No,no,no... sunny days are for goofing off with friends! C'mon over!

fiona said...

LA - Awww thanks darlin, I would if I could only get this feckin broom outta my arse! Gimme a wee while ok?

Bilbo said...

OCD? Obviously Completely Daft? Original Cuckoo Damsel?

Amanda said...

Its the opposite here.....in terms of the housework anyway. The only time I feel like doing anything is when its raining. Otherwise, the heat just saps all my energy and we just sit around the whole day.

Mike said...

Wv: dilingl - A thing that grows like grass.

fiona said...

Bilbo - Correct! both.
Amanda- Same here in the summer when it hits 100+ ;)
Mike - Using WV as a comment...lazy, good but lazy! lol

LiLu said...

For some reason, this post made me want a popsicle. Where's the ice cream man?

fiona said...

Lilu - He jangles around here at 4ish, I'll send him over to you!

Anonymous said...

i'll help at the ranch! geese stop complaining :) haha

fiona said...

Anon - I'll hold you to that! AND who are you calling a "geese" LOL

Anonymous said...

not geeese like the bird... i meant jeeese....