Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Talk Dirty To Me by Poison

SB goes on business trips quite often and the "phone calls" home, tend to be a pain in the bahooky.
There are the time differences and the lengthy pauses, following the quick "how's everything" update.
THIS trip I suggested that he set up a Facebook account so that we could "chat" online.
He did.
It was ...interesting...
We were like a bluddy comedy act gone awry.
I hadn't considered the "lag" when suggesting this move into the "new age of technology"
We were answering questions, three or four questions/comments later.
Kinda like this:

Me - Are you missing me?
SB - Nah, it's better than last time.
Me - WHAT? Your not missing me?
SB - Lamb stew and a beer. It was quite tasty.
Me -What are you wittering about?
SB - Of course I love you!

It was mental!
I should have studied. They have books for people like us you know!

Instant Messaging For Dummies Pocket Edition Book Pictures, Images and Photos

Lots of fun though and here's the interesting part, at least I thought it was interesting.
SB was LOL fun on-line! ( He's funny anyway but...) and "quite" the romantic!
Had I not known who I was chatting to, I would have been hard pushed to recognise him.
It went both ways,
SB - Your feckin Crazy in here! I love it!

Perhaps we should give upon verbal communication and just sit at the kitchen table IM(ing)?
Or alternatively...

The First Instant Messaging Pictures, Images and Photos

Something to ponder...


Narm said...

Every time I try to have a meaningful chat with someone online Chris Hansen is involved.

That guy is an asshole.

Mike said...

Sounds like instant messaging isn't.

Amanda said...

LOL! We started of using IM for fun stuff....before we were married.

Now, when I'm home and he's at work, and I find out that he's done something I don't like, I leave him a little pink angry face through IM. Haven't checked if FB has those but Yahoo and MSN do...

Gilahi said...

Yeah, but there are certain things that are JUST not as satisfying on line.

Bilbo said...

A pain in the bahookey? And how is your bahookey today, Dear Fiona?

vw: bedgeo - a small car you can sleep in.

fiona said...

Narm - ;-)
Mike - No milk thanks
Amanda - I'll check out "angry faces"!
Gilahi - For instance? hehehehe
Bilbo - feckin gorgeous thank you very much! ;-)

lacochran said...

Wait, I missed the dirty part. Is "lamb stew" code?

LiLu said...

"Perhaps we should give upon verbal communication and just sit at the kitchen table IM(ing)?"

You laugh, but it does come in handy sometimes when a third party is in the room...

Blog Stalker said...

You lost me with the title reference. Been stuck in my head ever since.

Oh yeah, I will quote my kid...IM (and texting) is better because there are no LIVE weird pauses. lol

Have a great day!

wc#3 said...

If you guys are texting eachother at the kitchen table next time I come over...

I'll steal the Fiddle!

Kevin John said...

The last time I had a "chat" room set up on my computer I had a 14 yr old girl ask me some personal questions...that or the task force @ the local FBI office.
I told her to ask her parents, and didn't think much of it until later.

fiona said...

LA - Lamb Stew = "safe" word
Lilu - now there's a thought!
Blog S - Oops sorry?
WC#3 - If the cap fits...;-)
Kevin John - meet Narm - your welcome!