Friday, March 13, 2009

The Sound of Music by Rog & Ham


That's what it's called.
Kids K - 12th Grade have to present a scientific project.
WT being WT decided that she wanted to participate.
I completed her entry form following her decision to go for it...hmmmm
They are very specific about the project requirements.
Three sided poster board, measuring 24inches(H) by 48inches (W)
Ok, thats easy, YA THINK?
Guess what dear reader?
Oh, go on, guess fer feck, sake it'll do you good to wiggle your brain cell.
Ok, ok, the answer is, it doesn't EXIST!
I found this out having spent a whole damn morning,
in every store I could think of, looking for the bluddy thing.
Trust me when I say, you can buy a plethora of poster board,in every variation of size, EXCEPT the size "they" required.
Exhausted and looking all stressed ( buttons undone, wild hair, flushed cheeks...wait...was that the night before? No matter, the general aura of dishevelment remains the same)

Stressed! Pictures, Images and Photos

I stumbled into the last store on my list, running around frantically looking for "IT"

Wee side note : I don't talk in stores. I hate it.
I'm a talker, impossible to shut up most of the time but NOT in stores.
Even after 10 years here in the US, I still have somewhat of an "accent" and cannot stand the glazed look on store peoples faces when I talk to them.
I used to find it embarrassing but now it just pisses me off. It's just rude..
With no disrespect to anyone who has English as a second language, explain this to me people!

Wee Asian Wifie - Ah Lookie fo a potabode
Store Assistant - Yes, ma'am, poster board is on Isle 3.

Wee Scottish Wifie ( in best POSH Edinburgh accent) - Excuse me, I'm looking for Poster Board?
Store Assistant (glazed look, head tilted to one side) - I, ehmm , your looking for "a booster bower"?


This happens ALL THE TIME.
It's ridiculous.
Isn't it?
Ach, this post has taken on a life of it's own...again
Suffice to say the "last" store had an English sales assistant!
Yes, I'll talk to "them" given dire circumstances ...hehehe
She took me to the poster boards, explaining that they didn't come in the sizes I needed but that it was the same every year at Science Project just buy a bigger size and CUT it!
Poster board duly bought.
Let the fun begin?

Title of WTs project ; The Sound of Music

Her Question ; What causes the strings on a Musical Instrument to make different sounds?

More to follow, I'm exhausted and that was just buying the feckin board!


Bilbo said...

Great picture of you! And we have been through Poster Board Hell, too, although not for many years...I see nothing has changed. See if WT can get extra credit for concentrating on the sounds a G string can evoke...

vw: wedige - like a wedgie, but executed from the front.

fiona said...

Bilbo - Yep it's in my "portfolio" ;)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Look, only $90 on the internet

I'm pretty sure I've seen these at Michaels. But only pretty sure.

Re: the posh Morningside accent: your problem is that you're on the west coast now. They're not gonna understand any of those east coast brogues.

wc#3 said...

When I read "a booster bower" all I could think of was another name for Water Closet.

Excuse me, can I use your booster bower? I need to bower my booster...

sorry, couldn't resist... get well soon :D

fiona said...

Abbot - I'll contact you for Poster Board info next time !
Aha...need to work on my Kelvinside! LOL
WC#3 - WC ? I rest my case

Mike said...

I don't remember having any trouble finding poster board. That's because my wife had to find it. HA!

Wv: sestr - a nonenglish way to say sister. (just keeping with the post theme)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Re: Kelvinside - don't go dissing my 'hood.

fiona said...

Mike - You MAN you...pffft
Abbot - LMAO

LiLu said...

That picture is PRICELESS.

fiona said...

Lilu - you mean I can't put a price on the BEST photograph of wee me?

Narm said...

You should make a poster board that is 24 feet by 48 feet just to prove a point.