Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ewe to me are everything -The Real Thing

It's raining. Hard.
Days like this I ask myself why I am living in California.
I could be back in Scotland, in the rain, eating REAL Sausages.
I miss sausages, a lot!
What's with this country, where a decent sausage manages to evade the talents of even the best sausage maker?
There is nothing better than a sausage "piece" Check out BRIED
If I was to choose a "last meal" it would be all about the sausage...

sausage butty Pictures, Images and Photos

Where do they hide the sheep?
Are there any sheep here?
If there are then I'm fecked if I know where they are.
Sheep and rain go together like a horse and carriage.
To be more pernickity "Bedraggled Sheep"
Oooopsy spell check is having a wee turn with pernickity. Hehehehe.
Just keeping her on her toes!

Will you look at these wee sheep playing in the puddles...awwwwww

Sheep on the road Pictures, Images and Photos

You know where the sheep are in Scotland! Yes you do!
Hogging the roads!
Should that be Ewing the roads?

Sheep Everywhere! Pictures, Images and Photos

Sheep and sausages in abundance would make my day.
I like sheep, cows on the other hand, let me just say "I'm FAIRD o' Coos"
I've given up telling people this, the looks I get are, well, odd!


Kevin John said...

Hey they're driving on the wrong side of the road! Watch out!!

Fiona, thanx for stopping by my humble blog. Funny I just watched Brave Heart again for the 5th hero.Platonic hero.
I wish I could last to have my guts cut out by the IRS whilst I tell them to f*ck themselves.
Just saying.

John said...

Try Wisconsin for sausages. They do sausages and cheese, don't know about sheep. It's dairy land up there. As a matter of fact (okay, it's purely fiction), I think that "Come smell our Dairy Air" was a close second for their license plate slogan!

wv: tortsi--what a Spanish speaking person says when they really do want the rich chocolate dessert--tort, si.

Alyssa said...

I went on a trail ride with a bunch of people from my barn today and saw a massive flock of sheep, and then we proceeded to be herded by the sheep dogs.

So, basically, there are sheep in California, they're just all down south.

Hope all is well (:

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Are you afraid of all coos or just the hairy ones?

Mike said...

HEY! You were supposed to keep with the previous theme. WAIT. I get it. It's subliminal.

Wv - Spauntne - This is a town in southern England.

Bilbo said...

You know, Fiona, this is why I love reading your blog...only you could get a full post out of sheep and sausage. Now, sheep sausage, that would be a bit much. And why would you be "faird o'coos"?? My uncle was a dairy farmer, and we love coos. I mean, cows. Especially the brown ones that give chocolate milk. Okay, I'm done now. I'm starting to look a bit sheepish.

vw: brops - the ones you find between the arops and the crops.

Amanda said...

Aaron and I love sausages :) It sounds like I need to try sausages from Scotland!

Gilahi said...

Of course "hogging" is not equivalent to"ewing". "Sowing" would be "ewing". "Hogging" would be equivalent to "ramming", right? So the sheep in Scotland are ramming the roads.

fiona said...

KJ - Wrong side of the road my bahooky! You can audition for the gut cut if you like! I'm sure there's a waiting line.
John - cheesy sausages?
Alyssa - So YOUR the one hiding the sheep!
Abbot - All of them -sigh-
Mike - LMAO
Bilbo - Thank you dear...I think ;)
Amanda - If you tried a scottish sausage you could never again be satisfied!
Gilahi - Sheesh or should I just say SHEEP! hehehe

Ms. Sadie said...

I want my last evening to have a lot of big fat sausages too!

LMFAO. Miss you luvie - when is wine time ? And which horse did you sell? Good girl - rather impressive - course hoping Alpo wasn't the buyer. j/k

LiLu said...

Aw- I love moo cows! Sheep are darling too, of course.

fiona said...

Ms Sadie - Wine time ALL the time, tables waiting for ya sis :-)
The Whinster to a great family!

Lilu - I love "lookin" at coos, from a distance, up close I'm faird. Guess I'll never be a real cowgirl huh?

Narm said...

I'm not too sure what you were saying in a lot of this posts but I'm turned on. All I heard was a sexy accent and the word sausage.

fiona said...

Narm - you've made my day!