Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Haze of Love - Cake

I messed up.
Yesterdays post should have been "The Proposal"
Oh well, even genius has it's moments.

Chapter 2 " The Engagement" ( there, that's right)

June 1989 SB and I took off to Crete for a vacation and to buy "the ring".

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To this day, I have no idea why we wanted to buy an engagement ring in Greece?
1989 Air Traffic Control were having "an episode" and our flight was delayed.
ATC forced us into the nearest Pub where we had no choice but to imbibe for several hours.
Neither of us have any recollection of
a. Leaving the bar.
b. Boarding the plane
c. The flight
d. The arrival
e. Being put on a bus
f. Arriving at the Hotel
Aye those were the days!
The following week is rather hazy, Ouzo will do that to you, be warned.

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We did gaze, peer, through reddish, bloodshot eyes into Jewelers shop windows as we staggered between bars.
On the last night of our vacation -

Me - So are we going to do it or not?
SB - AGAIN? ( high pitched panic detected)
Me - Buy a ring ya Eejit!
SB - Oh that ( relief evident)
Me - Well?
SB - I suppose we had better.

There were LOTS of bars on route to the shopping area of town.
We of course found it necessary to visit each one as we headed out on our ring buying mission.
To the best of my recollection we stopped at the first Jewelers and kinda propped ourselves up on the window.

SB - See anything?
Me - Nope (literally a haze)
SB - What about that one? ( swaying index finger)
I have no memory of buying the ring.
Next recall is in a bar...surprise!
SB, once more fighting his wee way through the crowds, drinks in hands, arms upraised ( am I detecting a pattern here?)
Having safely settled the drinks on the table, he hands me the box with the ring in it.
Me - WTF is THAT? ( glowering at drink)
SB - I got you a Cocktail, special occasion... ( speshhul uccashhhin to be exact)
Me -If I'd wanted a cocktail I'd have asked for a cocktail ya eejit!
SB headed back to the bar for a bottle of Ouzo ( He's a GOOD man)
I awoke the next morning.
I had a ring on my finger.
It was the ugliest thing you've ever seen.
That morning the ring and I made quite the perfect pair!

SB agreed...

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lacochran said...

Nonono. He picks the drinks, you pick the ring. He pays for both.

Hey, I don't make the rules.

Well, yeah, maybe I do.

LiLu said...

HAAAAAAAA this is hilarious! I love it! I hate that we live so far away... we'd have a ball hanging out together.

lacochran said...

You know I have no idea what happened to your original comment. I'd never delete what you said so maybe it never went through to begin with...?

Ms. Sadie said...

love it darling. You two - so very cute and functional ;)

fiona said...

LA - He DID pay...still is!
LiLu - Easy fix COME TO CALI!
LA- Apparently Google has a hole I may have fallen into? @Mike
Ms S - Functional in a swaying kinda way!

Mike said...

"Me - So are we going to do it or not?
SB - AGAIN? ( high pitched panic detected)"

LOL - I'm not going to say a thing. Yes I am. There's priorities in life. I see SB has his in order.

Wv - rehesesi - what you do at school on the playheyardsi.

fiona said...

Mike - He's still a whiner...wiener?

Amanda said...

LOL! That was too funny.

I don't know what sort of phase I was going through when we got my ring. I liked things that were small and cute......and my ring, teeeeeny tiny rock on it. Damn!

Bilbo said...

I notice that the first time, SB was an "Eejit" with a capital E; the second time he was an "eejit" with a small e. Was that related perhaps to his relief at clarifying the expected answer to your question, "So are we going to do it again or not?"?? I know that my e can get smaller over time, especially when I'm drunk. Uh...never mind. Forget I brought it up. So to speak.

vw - turactua: probably refers to something you tried to say while drunk.

Kevin John said...

That's why I just drink beer..not as classy but I remember who(m) I goeth to bed with.

wc#3 said...

Hey... okay, I didn't know the story about the Ring and all... but I'm still waiting to find out what happened after Burns Supper... you know, after the Taliskr caused me to pass out

Narm said...

All that time and money wasted.

Drunk wasted.

Not time wasted.