Monday, August 4, 2008

Gimlets get you through

"What will I do when you are far away?"...
HG commenced moving out tonight.The sex bomb and I feeling quite maudlin about loosing our grown up kid, it was a pleasure having him here. Won't miss the 2x dog shit in the yard but hey what's a wee bit shit amongst friends? lol
He has definitely prepared us for The Child Iseult commencing her teens and quite surprisingly the sex bomb was the worrier! I on the other hand managed to be very calm and pragmatic when he was still out after 10 p.m.!
Onwards and upwards we all go Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Love and our best wishes go with him, he's one of the good guys. They are harder to find every day, but he and the Wandering Cowboy fit the bill for me and my wee sex bomb and my Turnip Guy and the Sailor, oh heck, there's loads of them out there!
I've kinda given up on the vacation diary, it all seems another lifetime ago already and every time I talk to my mum I feel sad so I'll maybe pick it up later, we'll see.
Mastering the Art of French cooking is going well, who knew chicken and carrots could take 5 hours to cook? It's better than a diet! So feckin hungry that by the time the food gets to me I'm, over it, comatose or had too many Gimlets to give a damn!
Awww bless his heart he really is quite dedicated in a manic, gimleted ( new invented word) kind of way.
Nighty night my lovies
P.S. the sex bomb has just informed me that in his opinion "My Blog" for him, equates to me reading Spike Milligan's "Hitler, My part in his downfall"
In other words you MUST be Gimlited to find it funny. Sober it just ain't happening. He's a lovely man...Pftttttttt

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