Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Horse With No Name

Whew, this is the first of my sitting down since 6:30 a.m.
Work went well this morning with the exception of some idiot in the arena unable to control a horse with a kid on board. More luck than judgement prevented a train wreck. Honestly the things I have to contend with!
My girls were stars of course hehehe
Didn't bat an eyelid as the three ring circus was exploding around them. I am very, very proud.
Which leads rather nicely into, "Why do so called horse people refuse to get on the natural train?" It's really frustrating to watch a horse/horses not just talking but screaming and the owner either ignoring their clear communication or worse getting firmer with them. Breaks my bluddy heart.
I don't usually talk about my methods but there were numerous situations today where a little bit understanding of horse psychology would have made a happier time for both horse and rider. Don't get me wrong, I am European and was brought up with, use the bigger bit, tie downs, bigger spurs etc to "get the job done" so I fully understand the logic behind the actions. I have however invested the last 3 years 24/7 living and breathing natural horsemanship and find the "brute force and ignorance" methods more and more abhorant as well as down right dangerous at times.
These wonderful animals, in many instances, don't need to be furthar than their owner to be abused on a daily basis. It's all fine and well to be a caretaker and look after their physical needs but ignoring the mental and emotional needs is, in my opinion, abuse of a different kind but nonetheless abuse.

Analogy: you could feed a child 3 times a day, give great medical and dental care, warm safe environment to grow up in BUT if everytime the child tried to communicate with you you either ignored it or pushed it aside you would have one messed up kid. Everyone knows and accepts this but many refuse to see the parallel.
What can I do? Continue to lead by example and pray that I can influence even one.
There, tirade over.
Giong to my veggie guys tonight for a BBQ, so the weekend begins...woooohooooo

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