Thursday, August 14, 2008

People, people who need people, are the luckiest people...

When i started this blogging lark I had no idea that I'd be travelin through at 500mph! The thing is, when you try to write here every day and then log on, only to realise 9 friggin days have been and gone in a whilrlwind of activity and you, the Whirling Dervish, in the midst of the cyclone are still feeling the centrifugal force it's a wee bit disconcerting!
The growing pains of popularity methinks. Yes dear readers we have had an incredible influx of friends hanging out over the last week. Happy times and some sad, infuriating times and some supportive oh hell I could go on all day. It's been a roller coaster. One can only pray that any advice asked for was the best I could give and any unwelcome advice given I can blow off, pah there it goes.
Waaah, I have teenagers, it's official!
Scoot and The Child Iseult had a birthday on Monday. All scoot wanted was The Wizard of Oz DVD having watched the movie a few weeks ago with HG and Songster. The Child Iseult was granted a new fangled cell phone and they got a Wii.
When will all this new technology end? I'm friggin sinking here! challenged is an understatement. I have no incentive to "keep up with the times" but find myself becoming "Edina" literally!( (If you haven't watched AB FAB then do)
"Sweetie, sweetie, help mommy sweetie" and that's just asking Scoot to turn on the bluddy TV!
Of course the girls and the sex bomb think it's hilarious...ah well maybe I'll award myself the monthly award for July.
In fact I think I damn well deserve it! So there you go I am the July recipient.
Got to report the Shyster was going for the Triple Crown and may yet achieve that status, three in a row, three in a row...I'm thinking though that given the current Olympic Fever, The Shyster could well be a gold medalist for the USA. Lets face it, years of training and daily dedication to perfecting the "Art", a wake of less competent competitors still tryng to figure out where they went wrong and the ambition folks yep the ambition to be the best Shyster in the world. LOL
Anyway back to direct line thoughts, this lateral stuff makes me a tad nutty, or should I say nuttier. Aha, speaking of nuts! Yet another omission by "so called friends"...smiling here.
Bearing in mind I AM a foreigner, when we moved in here a few years ago, the previous owners had left quite a few big planters in the front and back yards. Spring came and off I trotted to Wally World to buy some plants. Got my plants and commenced digging away only to find tons of peanuts in their husks in every pot. Hmmm never seen anything like this before. Now me being me (not wanting to look like a total idiot by asking anyone) came up with the notion that it had something to do with drainage. Yes that must be it, these Americans use nuts as I would use rocks. I have been putting nuts in my potting soil for years! I sh#$#t you not...squirrels looking down on me "There is a Squirrel God, she's here,she's here"
No-one told me, serves me right for not asking and so another lesson learned.

Want to wind up this mornings ranting and raving on a serious note.
I have a newish, lovely girlfriend who went through hell this past weekend as did her significant other. We love you both, we are right here for you, you are in our thoughts and prayers. There is a reason for everything and I have found, it can take years to understand why bad things happen to good people. Hang in there kids, love and support each other.
I found strength in an unlikely source, unlikely given that I am not of that ilk. It has helped me on many many occasions so I pass it on to
Mother Teresa " I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that HE didn't trust me so much"

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