Monday, August 25, 2008

Painted nails

Monday already.
Saturday went great with lessons,the horses were on best behavior and I spent a while working with the old paint...he must be one of the few horses in this world who spooks when he farts! Poor Baby. An unexpected, unpleasant "guest"? showed up which tilted me off balance for about 2 milliseconds. You can take a horse to water and all that... lost cause.
Played with my girl then rode her for a while,lovely jubbly.
Home,shower and off to nail salon leaving the sex bomb with Ms Child preparing dinner for our monthly haute cuisine with friends.
Pedicure was wonderful followed by the WORST hand job I've ever had! Got the bluddy 80 year old apprentice who not only had hyperopia but appeared to have quite a severe case of Parkinsons going on to boot! I was a nervous wreck. She had a drill in her hand for christ sake ( all be it a small one) and those drill bits can get hot.It was horrible.
My usual gal rescued me after around 50 mins of my trying to get her attention by making ridiculous faces didn't want to resort to screaming "help"
Dinner was wonderful, took him around 26 hours, getting used to the time lines involved now and snacking on Gimlets while he cooks.
We had French Onion Soup (Soupe a L'Oignon), Boeuf Bourguignon and Pear Tatin with Creme Anglaise for dessert. He's really good you know!
Good fun with good people, good food and good French wine. The joy of splendid living.
Sunday at work was fun, I love all of my students but my Sunday people are too much fun!
The old paint guy gave his first riding lesson!!!Wooohooo. I believe he was used many years ago by a previous abusive owner ( hence all of his issues, Poor Baby) but it's the first time I've put a student on him ( a couple have tried to get on him and darned near ended up in a wheel chair) and he's worked a lesson. So the "fat boy" has begun to earn his keep...not before time.

Last night was all systems go with both of the girls going back to school today. The Child Iseult in crisis because her hair was having a wee party, so it begins.
WT is very organised and methodical, much like her dad. On the down side though she appears to be the opposite which makes the sex bomb crazy. Example:- a few months ago he's chanting his daily mantra way too loud "have you seen her room?" I go up and she has a dozen water bottle caps lined up on the floor filled with water ( which of course the big galloot had stepped on managing to spilled a few). What he didn't notice were a dozen My Little Ponies OBVIOUSLY grazing in a shoe box next to "their water troughs" how can you get annoyed with that? She flits from project to project but her chaos is always well organised.
So it's me and Scoot for the next couple of weeks, great for us but it means I can't go to the Ranch, Scoot is just too much of a liability with only a 1:1 and 1,000lb animals. Not to worry the horses will be fine, they are well cared for there and I'll get my "equine fix" at the weekends.

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