Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Passenger Safety

Speaking of road-kill, thinking about it at least, I was curious as to how birds manage to "Get a little blood on the tyres"?
Wee critters I understand, what with the eyes caught in the headlights thingy but birds? They have wings for christ sakes,fly fly fly little birdie. Some obviously can't or won't ascend into the blue yonder.
Daft or fat if you ask me.
Not being an avian expert I cannot attest to this but it would explain the following:- Bird brained and plump as a chicken. Of course chickens can't fly so you would expect a few to be hit by incoming...
Last year in Colorado we are driving along (our designated animal loving driver at the helm)when suddenly and I mean "emergency stop" suddenly, we find ourselves whip lashed with breastbones thumped into the seat belts ( cheap rental so crappy airbags remained intact).
"WTF WAS THAT?" scream the passengers (me loudest since I was riding up front and had seen nothing to warrant such aggressive STOPPING!).
"Oh sorry" says she as she flips a U-Turn 007 would have been proud of.
"There's something been hit on the road, I just want to check it out"
Back to look, only to find what could potentially have been a very small oil stain
"Oh" says she, "It's dead" on the verge of tears.
"Dead? Dead? of course it's friggin DEAD! It's embedded,probably has been there for a year!" also on the verge of tears.
Wee repentant voice "Sorry guys"
"It's ok" as we nursed our necks and chests.
And the moral is?
Road Kill can be VERY dangerous to the health of passengers, when spotted on the other side of the road, by an animal loving driver.

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