Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The STAR and CAPA (California Alternate Performance Assessment, Scoot takes this one) test results are in and I am the proud mom of three "advanced" kids! Yep all three of them in both in English and Math. Go Offspring Go Offspring!
It makes you wish you'd had more of the little darlings actually...NOT.
Three wee smarty pants plus one rather rotund smart ass are more than sufficient in this family.
I've been contemplating getting a real job. The kind you go to for hours every week and actually get paid for. Quite a novel concept for me since we came to these "US and A", oh, don't you just love Sacha Cohen?
Hmmmmmm Borat. I suspect he and I would make quite the couple here! After 9+ years in this country I am still incapable of buying a sandwich! One of my dearest friends took me on a training excursion a few years ago to a sandwich shop...it was NOT a success. All credit to her for infinite patience and total commitment to the "field trip" I was a complete mess, still am. You have to understand that in the U.K ( and I am sure Kazakhstan is the same)when you ask for a, lets say , ham sandwich, you get one slice of ham slapped between two slices of white bread, PERIOD, that's it, no more no less. Here! even the bread is only for people with nothing better to do than study "bread types" wheat,honey wheat,french,italian,rye,etc etc at the same time being bombarded with questions about size WTF??? Then they go on to fillings, I never get there, I'm far too stressed deciding on the bread.
Disgusted with the difficulty and stress levels involved I NEVER go to sandwich shops. I could recite poetry whilst making Borat and I a "normal" ham sandwich!

The sex bomb of course was Subway Savvy the first week here and The Child Iseult can order like a native Californian

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