Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday "Mr Sex Bomb" la la la la to you

888 is the "number of the sex bomb". Yep the love of my life is almost the same age as me. For a few months at least. Happy birthday to him !

That's NOT me up there by the way! LOL

He worked from home today which threw me and Scoot out of whack.
I cleaned my car this morning ( it was like a darn hay barn ) 2 hours later all clean and smelling fresh.
Basked in 100deg+ "glowing" like a pig but managed to top up the tan beautifully.
I know, I know, sun damage and all that but in my humble opinion better to be tanned and wrinkled than pasty and wrinkled.
Ball cap, shades, a wee bit lipstick and who the hell cares anyway? I live incognito. In fact I met a gal from my Barn at the gas station yesterday who opened the conversation with "Wow this is the first time I've seen you not wearing jeans and boots" bit disconcerted that she recognised me at all!
I've been watching Hilary and Mr Obama on TV and am pleased to report that I have not the slightest clue how anything "political" works in this country, am not eligible to vote and think "slick willy" is hot ( go Monica )
I vote for ignorance is bliss.
Having lived through the "Thatcher" years back home I was very concerned since Thatcher made almost all women in the U.K ashamed of their gender.
I am being interrupted here.
The sex bomb has just informed me that he thinks he is Bernie Taupin to my Elton John or Tim Rice to my Andrew Lloyd Webber or Jim Steinman to my Meatloaf...WTF ??

You would be excused for mistaking this one for me though!!!

He's giggling away behind me here and I am distraught!
Does he think these meanderings of mine are dependent on his input? Obviously so! What the heck, it's his Birthday, give him his moment of glory. LOL.

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