Friday, August 15, 2008

Wally Fish and Oz

The Wonderful World of Wally, a store to be reckoned with. The kids wanted to go somewhere today, the zoo was mentioned. In the car and off to Walmart where they got to look at the fishes for half an hour. Cheap day out! ended up buying another friggin fish though, named Alex11, Alex1 only lasted five days bless his wee fishy soul. Well what do expect, it is Wally World for Christ's sake. Do fish have souls? Fish can BE Soles' but do they possess one? There's one for all you Theologists out there.
Scoots last day of summer school today so I'll be off to see the wizard as I follow the yellow brick road to somewhere over the rainbow for the next 3 weeks. Ah if I only had a brain then I could come out and be more optimistic as it stands though the kids will probably be harking ding dong the witch is dead by the end of this too bluddy long summer.It's a killer.

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