Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've got the music in me

Picked up my Guitar this morning, first time in ages. These bluddy false nails make playing impossible but what the heck it's only me and Scoot, oh and the poor dog of course. Found a great site for guitar chords Tons of country as well as all other genres. Rehearsing for the weekend as we have lots of social stuff happening, can't wait, it'll be fun!
Just to be clear, I play guitar horribly BUT I enjoy it so there!
Yeah come to think of it the guitar was a Christmas pressie from sex bomb. He decided when the twins were four months old that I needed "a hobby!" and you all think I'm the one whose nuts!! Suffice to say I mastered half a dozen chords which have enabled me to play everything...badly. The sex bomb of course is highly proficient on Guitar ( electric and acoustic) Mandolin, Harmonica, Bodhran and keyboards so we manage to bash out some music. I sing and he can't na na na na na.
Following the whole sandwich admission yesterday, my girlfriend ( the one who tried and failed to help me master the art of sandwiches) came over and we got talking about my shopping issues. She starts on about somewhere called "Victoria's Secret".

I have heard of it but never ventured in. She was appalled! It appears that no woman with one iota of self respect, shops anywhere else. Who knew?
What the heck is wrong with Ross Dress for Bluddyless? The fact that I think the underware they sell is only there because it's been mislabeled and therefore never fits is merely the price you pay for paying a lower price.
I quite haughtily informed her that 'I do go to Target for "special" occasions"
This was met with a much head shaking and "Oh sweetie" s.
I am therefore to be taken , to a VS store, location and time to be determined, to be measured and fitted for a bra. Now this could go either way. I might be pleasantly surprised to find I am more voluptuous than I thought OR that I am in dire need of augmentation, we shall see. She is a brave, brave woman to embark on this venture with moi. I will keep you informed of when this outing is to take place and the tone of the blog thereafter shall be a clear indication of the outcome methinks!

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