Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know I admitted to being technically challenged, but I ask you, "can the Flu travel across cyber?"
I know one of my co-bloggers had it last week ( cos I read the blog. Hope you are feeling much better by the way :-)) and yesterday it starts playing funny buggers with me.
I mean to say I've heard of computer viruses but for feck sake do they include flu symptoms, the common cold, etc? Is the cold a virus? All I know is that as of yesterday I will be very wary of reading anything typed by anyone who is feeling under the weather.
Weekend was fun with the Sailor and Turnip Guy ( now to be known as Veggie Guy, he has extended his line to include aubergines and zucchini...the size of these puppies defies nature!)round for dinner and drinks. Sailor is going home in October for good, can't even think about that right now.
Veggie guy and I went riding on Sunday. Took the two boys for a ride along the road then back to the ranch and a wee spin up the hill. My old guy (horse) had a beautiful lope which only happens on a 0 - 45 degree slope. Put him on the flat and we have a walk, jog, trot,extended trot, EXPLOSION...ah well I didn't train him...know the man who did though. You'd think that a "Trainer" would be able to manage to teach a horse a simple jog - lope transition?
Obviously not. And people pay for this?????????? Amazing...LOL Thank goodness I did not.
I'll have him doing canter departs in a few days, no worries. The horse that is, not the "trainer". I've just never taken the time to work with him. It's now top of my "to do" list which at the moment could quite happily be transferred onto a roll of TP or two.
All three "sweet" kids off school this week, LUCKY ME.
WT disgusted with Alex11. He is a lurker. She has just informed me that he is not a patch on Alex1 (who was a bit Fish ADD and swam around like a lunatic for the whole week of his little life) I have told her he s one smart fish, conserving energy,if Alex11 croaks then I'm done with aquatic pets. She has come up with a "Fish Walking" invention. Wee wheels on his bowl with a string tied on to pull him around. She is drafting her invention right now. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the latest Fish product coming soon to a store near you! What a kid.
Scoot is running true to form and I am now proficient in every lyric to every song from The Wizard of Oz.
Girlfriend came over yesterday having had a crisis whilst painting her house ( the spray machine thing jammed up) which she informs me is now yellow. Only had to take one look at her yellow speckled shirt,face,hair,neck to confirm that one!
I'm going to click my heels together three times and see where I end up, I'll keep you informed.

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