Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dancing in the street - Bowie and Jagger

What do I know?
What do I know about...let's see.
Littlest Pet Shop, High School Musical,aaaah, The Wintu Tribe.
I would love to say "I know nothing" but it would be a complete lie.
I am an expert on all three. Nothing to be proud of.
The friggin Wintu Tribe have had me going nuts.
Who in their right mind, gives a 9 year old a project to be turned in Dec 12th?
I'll tell you who.
Some spinster 4th grade teacher, with no family, no friends and a hoard of mangy cats!
That's probably not true but who gives?

The "project" was very specific.

1. Picture Board (size and style determined) divided into 6 sections. No computers permitted. All info from books. Pictures to be hand drawn. No pencil lines visible. Whole board to be coloured.
2. Oral Presentation. To last between 6 - 10 minutes.
3. Written report. In cursive. No less than 4 pages.

It's two weeks till "HO HO HO" lady!

* note to self* Delete "lady" refer to as "HO"

WT and I have been working on this bluddy thing every night for a week.
It's done.
She presents today. Go WT.
If you ever need to know anything about the Wintu just ask, I'm your gal!

then this!

WT has her Hip Hop class every week.
Saturday she was dancing in the towns Holiday Parade.
She was great of course, after all she is her mothers daughter! *grins*
So she's been Hip Hoppin all over the house for weeks rehearsing her "moves".
Cool. She's getting down with her bad self.
Last night, oh I'm between tears and laughter, last night, Scoot goes up to our bathroom.
We have mirror doors and he loves looking at himself making different facial expressions ( apparently a "normal" Autistic gig) Who knew?
Last night, he's putting his right hand over his heart, bowing and saying "Honour your partner"
THEN he proceeds to square dance!
I know for a fact that he does not have the same teacher as WT.
He goes to a different school, in a different city, and it's private.
Who in their right mind would think teaching square dancing to a 13 year old "Autie" would be a GREAT idea?
When exactly do you expect him to use this newly aquired skill?
"Honour thy "feckin" partner" indeed.
Oh, I know, maybe he could try out for Ashley Wilkes in the next production of Gone with the Wind?
Join an Autistic Square Dancing Club? How much fun would THAT be?
Square Dancing Pictures, Images and Photos
We took him to "challenger" baseball for a few seasons and it was hilarious
That's a post in it's own right...
My peace and tranquility has been disturbed.
I'm going to ask LACOCHRAN for a couple of free sausages.
I have the very place to shove them!
Watch your backs HO and HO.


lacochran said...

Nobody does any work (school or otherwise) in December. Ever.

Hey, I don't make the rules.

Bilbo said...

"* note to self* Delete "lady" refer to as "HO" - That line alone was worth reading this post. Note to not piss off Fiona.

Mike said...

"All info from books."

WHAT! Books? Are those the nasty things with dust on them that make you sneeze?

Kidding aside, I always laugh a little when somebody insinuates that everything on the internet is wrong but if it comes from a book it must be true.

fiona said...

LA - Write a letter to the schools pleeeze! Someone forgot to tell them!

Bilbo - :-)

Mike - Paper paper we love paper!
Poor wee WT lugging a library
around! Nasty PC's.