Monday, December 15, 2008

Stuck On You - Lionel Richie

Here I am having a "Happy Monday"
Monday is usually my day off.
Not that any day is really "off" there's still housework, kids, meals etc but on Monday I don't go to the Ranch.
It's a stay at home day. A get other things done day.
Where is this going? No feckin clue.
Nowhere at the minute, I'm having a "blond moment" as WT refers to my mild Alzheimer incidents.
Ok, I'm lucid.
I decided to do some more wrapping to help "The Old Guy " out.
I love wearing the Elf ears and green tights!
Sometimes I wear red but I think they make my bum look big.
Green is a much better colour on me.Don't you think?
No clue how the "bird" got there.

elf hawk Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm ready , paper, scissors, tape.
Out with the pressies.
WHO THE FECK is responsible for inventing price stickers?
If I find out, I could end up spending "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year" incarcerated.
I have no nails at the moment. New nail guy sucks. All fell off.
Pick, pick, pick, pick for EVER. Got my "bird" to peck a wee bit too!
Still got some gifts where you can totally see the big, sticky mark that was the price sticker.
Then you have to dispose of them, somehow, somewhere...
Stickered! Pictures, Images and Photos
As good a place as any I guess. Useful for something!

And while I'm feeling murderous lets not forget the wrappings which have the price PRINTED on.
Black sharpie to the rescue on those fecks!.
I spent so much time removing prices that I managed to get all of one thing wrapped.
Price stickers never used to be that sticky.
I know that back home some years ago (showing my age here) they started to use the type that came off in four parts to prevent people swapping them out but we have Bar Codes now sticky sticker people!
I don't get it.
Oh well, on the bright side I DO get to dress up again tomorrow!


Mike said...

"Sometimes I wear red but I think they make my bum look big."

We'll be the judge of that. Just keep the pictures coming.

fiona said...

Mike - not a problem, note how photogenic I am?

John said...

can't see your bum from this angle, but everything else looks great!

lacochran said...

Green is definitely your color, Chica.

Bilbo said...

I share your ire about price stickers. Many are the gifts I have beautifully wrapped, only to have to unwrap them again because Agnes wanted to be sure I had removed the price tags. AARRGGHH!!

fiona said...

John - Why thank you kind sir! You could try twisting yer neck around a bit more!

LA- Aren't I gorgeous? LOL

Bilbo - Are Agnes and I related?