Saturday, December 27, 2008

C'est comme ca - Les Rita Mitsouko

Now that the fat guy has done his thing and I am well rested (yesterday, Boxing Day, was spent in a state of catatonic, overindulgent, euphoric, bliss. Varying degrees of each) it's time to PARTY!
Tonight we "grown ups" get to eat, drink and be merry.
We started our annual post Christmas, pre New Year "shindig" quite a few years ago.
It's quite lovely to have all our friends together.
The participants have varied somewhat over the years and this year will be no different.
My "Sailor" buddy has gone back home (other side of this friggin HUGE country) and I miss him terribly.
On a happier note though, I have re-connected with an old friend who I also missed but is back into my life and is coming along tonight with her wee family.
Com si com sa,
C'est la vie,
Oooooh la la,
Ok I'm turning into Pepe le Pew, what's that all about?
Je ne sais quoi?



Mike said...

"friggin HUGE country"

Hey, it's just a little island. Ask your mum.

lacochran said...

Happy 2009, Sweet Fiona!

Amy said...

I'm a total flake. I looked at the clock and was like OMG! Fiona's party! The kids have been driving me absolutely nutters and... well it hasn't been the happiest of holidays though better than before. Anyhow- call me missy, let's have coffee SOON. LIKE IMMEDIATELY!!

Rachel said...

It's wonderful that you'll have a group of friends to celebrate with. Hope you have a wonderful time!

LiLu said...

Ya lost me.

But I adore you, lady,

Happy Freaking New Year, and thank you for being in my e-life. :-)

Mike said...


fiona said...

Mike - I asked...still a wee isle
LA - Awww TY darlin!
Amy - You've got it!
Rachel - Thank you!
LiLu - "Eggnoggin" again? lol
Adoration right back at ya!
Mike -- Hey? Whaaat?