Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate

Sunday is BS ( Sunday Booby) day...again
As opposed to SB (Sex Bomb) day, daily.
Quite the play on words, if I do say so myself.
And I do!
So heads down people, ok person ( who am I kidding?) lets gooooooooooo!
That's so fecked up.
We're not gonna gooo were are going to go!
According to Wikipedia, A BOOB( note the singular):-

"An error, usually involving something of simplistic nature"

Now if I am interpreting this correctly, please feel free to correct me.
Yeah, like you need permission.
I repeat, IF, i am getting this, then I am a BOOB!
I am the personification of that word...who knew?

BIG HEART Pictures, Images and Photos

I have a simplistic nature and I make a LOT of errors.

error Pictures, Images and Photos

I also, am the "not so proud" owner of 2 x boob(s)

"Fiboob" (s)

Two new words to be added to the "Urban Dictionary" this week.
Hell, at this rate I'm going to have invented a whole new language by 2011!

"Fispeak" including, but not limited to F French, I Inuit, S Spanish, P Portugese, E Egyptian, A Arabic, K.
I cover all countries and cultures!

It's patented ( not) but LA gets 5% commission on all of my entrepreneurial schemes, so don't even try to jump on that band wagon, she offered up her couch first...remember?


Narm said...

I've seen girls at the bar and I think a boob job would pay for itself in mixed drinks within two months.

Or doesn't cleavage work for guys?

lacochran said...

Wow! I should have done that years ago!

5%?! I feel like

Bilbo said...

I think you need rebooting. Or was that, "reboobing?" Good luck with Fispeak.

Mike said...

As for goo - goo can be good goo.

As for the little moving boob picture - I won't say what I thought that little puff coming up out of the dress was.

As for the error messages - I think you missed some that I've seen.

As for 'K' - I don't need another programming lauguage to try to remember.

fiona said...

Narm - you obviously have not checked out boob job costs recently. Those puppies are $$$$$$$$$$$.
Cleavage works :-)

LA - You don't sound the way you write :-) LOL@Daffy

Bilbo - Totally need reboobing, look up to narm! I'm hoping the profits from my new invention might cover One, boob that is.

Mike -As for all of that! Whew...

John said...

boobs in any language is okay by me!

fiona said...

John - It's a guy thing, you'll never recover I'm afraid.