Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Thing - Fine Young Cannibals

Having two boys in the house is a piss pain.
Sex bombs accuracy is around 95% alcohol levels taken into consideration.
More Whisky less chance of a hit.
Scoot grazepees (my new word for this week)
He randomly blasts one bathroom, then when he needs to go again he wanders off to find another "clean" one.
Having done "clean up" on all three isles last night (three bathrooms are two too many)I had a thought.
I had a few thoughts actually, none of them endearing.
But the "one thought" was an invention.
I may build a prototype and take it on DRAGONS DEN
I'll give you a sneaky peaky.
( Now that's funny! Peekie = Penis where I come from)
Here is the basic idea.
An aperture akin to a microphone stand.
Microphone in stand Pictures, Images and Photos
Height variable, tilt/direction variable.
Top of stand a soft sling type thing akin to a farriers stand.
hoof trimming stand Pictures, Images and Photos
The left hand side gizmo is what I'm talking about.
Attached to the end,,a funnel wide side facing the peekie.
The Funnel Pictures, Images and Photos
So the male, any age, height, size can adjust the stand appropriately, rest their "peekie" on it and do their business through the funnel.
I'm thinking even a lightweight portable model might be worth investigating.
Ever the Entrepreneur...
Happy Saturday!
Wow the day on Lacochrans couch really worked!


Mike said...

You just need to get one of those hang on the wall thingys for every bathroom. You are outnumber after all.

And just remember, if the seats up, you know he put it up. If it's down, you can't be sure it was up at the time.

Gilahi said...

You still have to clean the funnel.

Bilbo said...

Fiona, you have a bizarre and twisted mind. I think I'm in love.

lacochran said...

Perhaps you can talk to the uroclub people ( and get them working on a prototype for you!

fiona said...

Mike - your such a "Guy" :-)

Gilahi - point taken, maybe an automatic antibacterial swish around thingy? Wow I'm on a roll here!

Bilbo - Love right back at ya!

LA - Such support! You are now on commission, 5% of all sales.

Mike said...

outnumber(D) You are outnumbered.

I hate it when I have to wait to see my topys.

fiona said...

Mike - I find it quite endearing that you make wee mistakes *** ( those are wee kisses!)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I found these for you

but I like LA's better.

fiona said...

Abbot - That's the trailer trash version!